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How do i install adobe flash player without administrative rights, my work laptop wont let me...please assist, thank you.

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Adobe install

by Nimmo In reply to Installation

If your PC is setup with a GPO not allowing a normal user to install software you will need to get admin rights to install flash.

Either login as the administrator and install the software or select to run as administrator on the installer.

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Work With Your IT Support Group

by TheChas In reply to Installation

The company you work for has chosen to lock down user rights for any number of legitimate reasons.

If you have a legitimate business reason why you need Adobe Flash player it should be a simple matter of contacting your help desk or IT department and following the proper procedure to get approval for Flash player. The same should be true for any other software that you need for a business purpose.

However, if you want Flash player for personal use, I STRONGLY recommend that you do not attempt to install it without going through proper channels.

If IT audits the software that is installed on computers connected to the company network, you could get yourself in trouble.

Even if you do not get in trouble, if IT finds that users are finding ways around security measures, the result is usually stronger security measures.


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