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    Installation hangs in between


    by kalpesh_soham ·

    I tried to install couple of software in my Windows XP Pro PC environment but installation hung inbetween and didn’t go thro’ successful.

    I killed the process thro’ task manager and disable Antivirus program and then started installation again but got same result.

    What could be wrong in my PC?

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      A couple of things here

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Installation hangs in between

      Firstly this should be in the Q & A section where you will get an auto generated e-mail notification every time some one responds and

      YOU WILL HAVE TO SUPPLY A LOT MORE information as well like what is the specs of your computer {CPU type, amount and type of RAM, OS, M’Board make or brand name and model} and what software where you trying to install.

      For example if you where trying to install something common like Office 2003 on a computer with a 486 CPU and running Windows 3 I could fully understand it is not installing.


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        MAybe RAM or OS problem

        by namitswar ·

        In reply to A couple of things here

        Does your PC Hangs during installation or only the S/w doesnt get installed.?

        If it hangs , then RAM problem as there is noot sufficient physical memory.

        If s/w doesnt install try reinstalling the oS on the same drive.your data wiill be saved.

        finally r the S/w compatible with XP?

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