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Installation of Kazaa 2.6 software

By adunbarins ·
I am trying to instal Kazaa 2.6 and it gave me error code -5006:0x80070002 thereby stopping the installtion why? What should I do to install it properly.Thanks

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by marccouture In reply to Installation of Kazaa 2.6 ...

Are you trying to install the official client available through Sharman Network's site? If so, you may find some troubleshooting info there`:

If you're using a "Lite" or other hacked version, you may encounter various problems. Can't help you here, unfortunately, and I'm sure the Sharman people won't either. ;-)

Other things to check: available disk space; the presence of temporary files which may conflict with the installer when it is run (empty browser caches and Windows' various "temp" folders before installing); unnecessary background processes that are running (anti-virus software is notorious for causing installation problems), disable any that might interfere with the installation process.

Good luck!

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by my_hood_welded_shut In reply to Installation of Kazaa 2.6 ...

do not install 2.6
instead install klite. there is no spyware on it, and certain key ports used by big brother to track your shared files are blocked. or better yet just get fileshare. please don't pirate software of music though, somebody is losing money when people do that. but just to share your personal stuff is ok. again I recommend ishare.

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by wlbowers In reply to Installation of Kazaa 2.6 ...

Just for your personal information. Big brother has several machines running Kazza online that record your downloads and ip address while doing it.

They are going after the little guys now. Big fines. Ask the 12 year old.


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