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    Installation of Linux


    by moiz_aziz ·

    I have a 17 GB Hard Drive . I want to install Linux & WIndows both.

    I want the partition details of how can i use both the OS on my system

    My system is a P-III 550 with 64 MB Ram & 17 GB Hdd.

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      Installation of Linux

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Installation of Linux

      I would install Windows first but the technique will vary a little depending on whether it is Windows95/98 or WindowsNT. Either way, what you’ll want to do (either through Fdisk or the NT install program) is create a partition or partitions that take up only about half the drive. Install Windows on that partition, get it running nicely, etc.

      Then run the Linux install program. There is a little variation from distribution to distribution, but most will make Linux partitions out of any uncommitted space on the drive. In the process, they will also write a new MBR (master boot record) that will allow you to choose whether to boot into Windows or Linux (generally using a program called LILO).

      On my dual-boot Win98/Linux machine, I ended up with four partitions. A Win98 partition, a Linux root partition, Linux swap partition and Linux /var partition. When I boot up, if I want Linux I just let it run. If I want Win98, I hit [tab] when I see the LILO prompt, choose (or enter) Win98 and it boots int

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      Installation of Linux

      by mutated ·

      In reply to Installation of Linux

      Install Windows first, there are some issues with lilo loading an OS after the first 4GB of drive space. So make sure you make your windows partition less than 4GB (if you want to add more partition space for your windows partition add it after you do your linux install). After your base windows installation is done start your linux installation, most installers will detect the windows install and ask you if you want to dual boot (it modifies lilo.conf for you)If it doesn’t read /usr/doc/lilo-??? it is has very good examples on how to dual boot lilo. When Linux is installed with all the space you want to give it assign the left over harddisk space to Windows (I like to use fdisk in linux to do this as you have more control than windows fdisk).

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      Installation of Linux

      by jpereira ·

      In reply to Installation of Linux

      If it’s Win9x, your first partition must be a Windows partition.
      Some older versions of the BIOS have an issue with booting from partitions which extend beyond 1024 cylinders, so your Linux boot partition should be below that. You boot partition need be no larger than 16Mb.
      You will also need a Linux swap partition which the rule of thumb says should be twice the size of your physical RAM – so 128Mb for you. You get a slight performance gain if it is in the middle of the disk.
      You will alsoneed other Linux partitions including at least a root partition + you can have other Win partitions.

      Here’s how I’d do it on your PC:
      1. Install Windows in a partition at the bottom of the disk making sure the top of the partition is enough under 1024 cylinders to fit in a 12Mb Linux partition (fdisk will tell you how many cylinders you have used).
      2. Install Linux with the following partitions in the same order
      – 12Mb Linux ext2 partition mounted on /boot
      – 128Mb Linux swap partition- x Linux ext2 parti

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      Installation of Linux

      by skiz ·

      In reply to Installation of Linux

      Well if I were setting it up.

      Install win98 to the HDD first… then use partition magic to resize the FAT32 partition to about 4 – 5 GB.

      after you setup windows boot up the linux distro CDROM that you have.

      I would make these partitions.
      /boot 10 – 20MB
      / 85 – 150MB
      /var 85 – 100MB
      /home 400MB – 1GB
      /usr 1.5 – 3GB
      /usr/local remainder(i store mp3s, games here.)
      I give me a directory in /usr/local/
      so that I have ownership of the DIR as a user and store mega stuff there.

      lilo should install clean in the MBR and you can dual boot with it. I have had good luck wiht both lilo and grub.

      good luck and enjoy the new OS

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