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Installation of Linux 2.4.21-20 ELsmp through remote installation using iso

By akshata.bvenkataramana ·

I am very new to Linux. I need to install Linux 2.4.21-20ELsmp through remote instalaltion on console port. I have downloaded the software in the iso format. Can the installation be done using this file type? If it can be done what are the steps that needs to be carried out for remote installation?


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by stress junkie In reply to Installation of Linux 2.4 ...

I don't know what Linux distribution you have. What is the real name? You provided the name of an ISO file that really doesn't say very much about where it came from.

In any case, ISO files can be burned onto a CD or DVD. Usually these will boot the computer and start an installation or will start Linux. When you burn the ISO file onto a CD or DVD you have to do it a special way. The software that burns the ISO image onto the CD or DVD will have some option for this. Again, since I don't know what your situation is, whether you are going to use Nero to burn the ISO file or whatever, I can't provide more details.

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by akshata.bvenkataramana In reply to Probably.


Yes i found out on the net that files downloaded from the net in the form of iso will be burnt using iso as an option.
Can you please tell me can remote installation of linux can be done?If it can be done how can it be done?Linux installation needs to be done on hp dl360 server.


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similar problem

by nithin.kotekar In reply to Clarifications

I am facing a similar problem here..
I have an groundwork - centos 4.1 bundled bootable cd rom.
I just want to install this bootable cd rom image to a new server
How do i do it? can i do the installation through network or through cd ?
if so how?

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