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installation OS on different partition

By onitamo ·
How to install w-98 or w2000 on other partition (D:) if I have already W-XP on C:
I need to add W-98(W2000) .I don't want to dammage this what I have (W-XP).
What is a name of this help-program (manager)?
I am novice in work with comp.
thank you for simple explanation.

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by dmiles In reply to installation OS on differ ...

No simple explanation for this one since you have Windows XP installed on the partition as C:
You cannot create a dual boot with XP on the boot partition.

You will have to wipe the drive clean and create two partitions,then proceed to load Win98 or W2K before loading XP,which should be loaded on last partition.

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by dmiles In reply to

Does Your Disk Support Multibooting?

The following table shows the disk configurations on which you can install more than one operating system.
Disk configuration Requirements for multiple operating systems

Basic disk

This is the common name for the hard disk in your computer. You have a basic disk unless you have converted it to dynamic disk. MS-DOS and all Windows-based operating systems can access basic disks. A basic disk can contain up to four primary partitions. A partition is a section of the disk that functions as a separate unit. Each partition can have a different file format and different drive letter, for example, C: and . Each operating system must be on a separate partition.

Single dynamic disk

If you have one hard disk and you have converted it to dynamic disk, you can install only one operating system. You cannot multiboot.
To determine if you have a dynamic hard disk, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools.
Double-click Computer Management, and then click Disk Management. In the right pane, your disk will be labeled as a basic or dynamic type.

Multiple dynamic disks

If you have two or more hard disks installed in your computer, each dynamic disk can contain one installation of Windows XP Professional, or Windows 2000. No other operating systems can start from a dynamic disk. Windows XP Home Edition does not support dynamic disks.
Top of pageTop of page
One OS Per Partition

Before installing Windows XP and an earlier version on the same machine, you must prepare your hard disk with different partitions.

When you install Windows on a new or reformatted hard disk, the Setup program typically does not partition your hard disk automatically. To create multiple partitions, choose Advanced Options during Setup and follow the instructions to create and name multiple partitions. You can also create partitions using Fdisk.

If you have already installed Windows, and

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by compserv In reply to installation OS on differ ...

Well you can have a multibook computer with XP on the Main drive. I have them at home and we do it at work. But any way for a simple explanation on how to get another OS. Buy a new hard drive and put it in as a secondary drive. Otherwise you will have to get your data off the drive. Format the Drive, then partition it. Then install each OS to a different partition. This way is a little bit harder. But cheaper.

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