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installation problem

By pius1208 ·
i was trying to install windows98 in a pc. and when i try to run the program, i get this message
? need ur help

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by rawright In reply to installation problem

More details would be helpful. Have you recently changed anything? Is this a new PC you just built? If this is happenning when you try to install right away, I'd suspect a hardware problem first. Check that the RAM is properly seated and of the right type for the motherboard. Verify that all the drive jumpers are correct, the cables are tightly seated, and that the BIOS is correctly detecting all the hardware.

At what point in the installation process does the message appear? If it happens after a few minutes, it may indicate a problem video or sound card, as well. You might also have a failing power supply, bad voltage regulators on the motherboard, or the motherboard itself may be faulty. And it's also possible that the CPU is damaged. What's the history of this machine?

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by Berserker In reply to installation problem

I would suggest install your system with the most basic hardware such as display card, ram, cpu and the input devices (mouse & kb).

After the installation is successful. add in the rest of your hardware. The part that give s you this message will tells you which hardware is causing this problem.

Good luck.

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by niseys In reply to installation problem

I have gotten this one a lot recently.

What has worked for me in this situation is
to enter BIOS setup at the beginning of the
boot and (hitting F5...) set bios defaults.

You can also try Optimal Settings if present.

Save the settings, exit and let the system
reboot. Hopefully you'll make it through.
If you do, you'll need to restart the system
and re-enter the BIOS to make any necessary
changes that may be needed, I usually find
the 'BIOS Cache' enabled which I always turn
off to prevent 'outside' corruption.

Sometimes this resets CPU settings depending
on the board so double checking after using
the 'defaults' becomes a requirement, especially
when it turns the S.M.A.R.T. off or turns off
the LBA mode.

Follow the motherboard manual if you have it in
setting the changes afterwards.

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