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    Installation problem


    by pralaydesai ·

    i had 8.4 GB HDD before & i upgrade it with 40 GB HDD now it doesn’t detect by my BIOS so i upgrade BIOS of AWARD. now it detects but give as user mode & more than 1024 Cylinders.
    so when i want to install win NT/2000/ gives error that this much space is required although HDD is empty.

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      Installation problem

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to Installation problem

      Insert the boot disk in drive and hit key to enter CMOS control panel,on drive configuration panel locate drive and select AUTO,save changes and exit.
      Now proceed to install the Operating System on the new drive
      If you have access to another computer,go to Microsoft Knowledgebase and download and install the latest version of ATAPI.exe file

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