Installation problem with windows server 2003

By Osba ·
Hi. Little background first. I have just started
my mandatory practical training period and
networking is what I am more familiar with.

I have a problem with one of our servers. Some
time during the summer one server's motherboard
broke. We got new motherboard but the OS was
damaged and I had to reinstall it. This was the
first reinstall which went smoothly. I got
backup up and running but after the first reboot
I got message "operating system not found".
After using repair console etc. I was forced to
format and reinstall again.

Now this is where the problems started. The
windows install copies all files from media and
creates folders without problems. After the
first reboot the install should continue in GUI
but it doesn't. It starts from cd again. I've
tried couple of times the fresh install but it
is just the same. Taking cd out from drive just
gives me "operating system not found" again.

Server has five sas hard drives and I was told
that two them were using software
raid1(operating system in these) and rest three
were hardware raid5. I really need to find
documentation of the server, I'm not sure about
other specs(not really sure if I'm going to find
anything since the latest backup from system was
2 years old...). The biggest question is why the
first install went smoothly but now it is giving

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Well the most obvious thing to do is to test the HDD's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Installation problem with ...

With the Makers Testing Utility and see if they all function correctly

AS this unit has a new M'Board it should be OK maybe depending on what destroyed the last one.

As to why it loaded previously I don't have a clue but if I was guessing I would say that when you performed the first install the RAID Drivers carried over to this install and since then because you have not installed the RAID Driver/s the unit is spitting the dummy and not working.


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All RAID = Dynamic Disk; No MBR

by kenrwoodson In reply to Installation problem with ...

Your situation seems weird for me to picture but check this out...

>You may be trying to install the NOS on a server configed for data back-up since you have SAS discs that are compatible with iSCSI and all your discs implement RAID level data protection.

>This is why your Master Boot Record can not be found:
RAID 1- is a mirrored disk used to mirror another disc (backup copy).
RAID 5- uses disc striping; e.g. a meg of data is dispersed throughout your 3 discs in 128 kb data blocks.

>NOS does not boot from a dynamic RAID disc.

If all of the disks implement RAID, then they are all dynamic disks.
Only basic disks, not dynamic disks, have a primary partition (boot/system partition)needed to have the MBR and other boot files.

This is odd in your situation, because when u init the install of the NOS from CD to HDD, it asks you to create a primary partition and its capacity size to boot from.
But I'll still go on...
Boot from the install CD to get access to the server GUI then:

Goto control panel -> Admin Tools -> Computer mgmt -> Disk mgmt.
Look at your 5 discs' specs.

If any of them don't have a dark blue stripe on top, then you don't have a primary partition.(Check out color key @ bottom of winform)

>Right click the disc you wanna boot from >Check if the menu has the "convert to basic disk" option. If not, continue to create primary partition on that disk.
Just to be on the safe side, clear all the data on all the discs, then select one of them as the primary partition.

If u want to use RAID on the other HDD later,
I recommend a MSCA 70-290 book for your reading pleasure.
I've just learned these concepts, so please don't cuss me out if this doesn't help. :)

Good luck!

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