Installed new 500GB HDD, will not let me load any Windows?

By aztdogg ·
Installed new 500GB HDD, will not let me load any Windows. I installed a 500GB HDD on a HP PC for a friend, and I have an XP Home upgrade disk which XP Home was originally installed on the PC, and all I have is an upgrade disk so I tried to install Windows 2000, but it keeps failing on me and it even asked me to create a partition? I understand there may be issues with trying to use the full 500GB of the HDD, but I created a partition so is not letting me do an install?

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Hi Friend,

by vikranth.joshi.kr In reply to Installed new 500GB HDD, ...

You had made the partetion, but did you check drive type.
IF you made the partition using the extended partition then windows cannot be insatlled there. so make the partition to logical drives. then try.
and Could you please metion the error MSG whihc you are getting while installing the windows

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Need SATA drivers?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Installed new 500GB HDD, ...

Win2K and WinXP Upgrade will not be able to recognize a SATA drive and will need drive drivers installed before it can proceed.

And, by the way, you don't need to put Win2K on the drive before WinXP Upgrade. You can put the Upgrade on as a clean install once you have obtained the correct drivers of course. During install, it will ask you where the OS is that you plan to upgrade. At that point, just put the Win2K CD in the drive and show WinXP install where it's at. It will read the CD and see that it is legitimate and proceed, telling you to put the WinXP CD back in the drive at a certain point.

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A couple of things first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Installed new 500GB HDD, ...

1 You need SP2 or latter included on the Install Disc to be able to use all of the 500 GIG Capacity of the HDD. The original XP only will be able to access the first 137 GIG of the HDD and it's been so long since I used Windows 2000 I forget how big a HDD it can work with.

As stated above you Do Not need to install 2000 first just have the Install Disc available so that the Upgrade Version of XP can see it when it arks for it to proceed with the XP install. You will have to remove the XP Install Disc insert the 2000 Install Disc and then when prompted replace the XP Install Disc to finish the Install.

You will =need to load the SATA Drivers by pressing the F6 Key when the first Blue screen of the Windows XP Installer appears and then wait till you are prompted and insert a Floppy into Drive A with the SATA Drivers copied to it's Root. That means you need to copy the SATA Drivers to the Floppy directly and not include them in a Folder as the Windows Installer will fail to see them and use them.

Depending on what you used to make the Partition the Upgrade Disc may not be able to access it or even use the type of Partition you have on the Drive.

It needs to be in the first 137 GIG of the Hard Drive not anywhere else and it needs to be a Basic Partition Type not Extended or anything else.

Save your self the time and trouble and just use the Upgrade Disc as it's faster.

After you get XP installed off the Upgrade Disc install All of the Drivers particularly the Sound and Video Drivers as if they are unsigned they will not install after you connect to the Windows Update Server you need to install these before you do anything else or you run the risk or needing to start all over again from scratch.

If this is a IDE Drive the BIOS will very unlikely be able to use it as it is too big for the system. If you have to use a IDE Drive that big you need to connect it to a IDE Controller Card that can work with drives that big and is compatible with XP.


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