installed new power supply that died after 12 hours

By techrepublic555 ·
I have an HP Media Center PC whose original power supply had died. I purchased a generic one (as in not the exact one but had the same pins, etc), installed it and got the computer to work fine last night and this morning. Just about an hour ago the computer froze and got a blue screen error message saying to restart. I turned off the computer but now it won't turn back on or even make any noise. Any thoughts?

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More Info Needed

by w2ktechman In reply to installed new power suppl ...

what kind of PS did you buy? What size was it?
Are you on a power backup system (UPS)?
Have you had power problems in your current location before?
Are a lot of things plugged into the same outlet? What about the line that the outlet is on?

does a voltmeter show a problem with the PS output?
did any connectors come loose?

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Re: More Info Needed

by techrepublic555 In reply to More Info Needed

I purchased a Panther ATX 450W PS. I dont know much about PSs so I just went to Fry's and got whatever seemed to match nased on wattage, pins and unit dimensions.

I'm not using a UPS and have not had any power problems. The computer is connected through a surge protector outlet that connects both the pc and monitor for 2 computers (so 4 things plugged in total on a 7 outlet surge protector).

I dont have a volt meter and no connectors are loose.

I appreciate your help!

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Re: More Info Needed

by techrepublic555 In reply to More Info Needed

Not sure if it matters but before the PC shut down I got a blue-screen error message saying "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer".

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Ok, try this

by w2ktechman In reply to Re: More Info Needed

unplug the unit completely (from the back of the comp). wait 10 min. Plug it back in, and power on. Does the PSU (power supply) fan spin?
If so, but it still doesnt boot, try removing all USB devices except keyboard/mouse. try again, does it boot? try swapping to different USB ports as well (for the KB/Mouse).

If the fans did not spin , unplug it again and remove the cover on the system, take a flashlight on the motherboard. Do you see anything noticeable wrong with it?
If not, then try unplugging some devices (cd/dvd, HDD, etc.), try again. If those did not work, plug them in and try items in slots. Also reseat the RAM.

Did any of this make a difference?

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Re: Ok, try this

by techrepublic555 In reply to Ok, try this

I am definitely going to try all of this RIGHT NOW. One question: how do i reset the RAM? Will be back with the results of those tests. thank you so much for your help thusfar.

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Re; Ok, try this

by techrepublic555 In reply to Ok, try this

Tried all of the above. Nothing powered on at all. Unplugged the PSU and re-installed it. Took out both RAM sticks, put them back in, still nothing. Boyfriend thinks the motherboard may have died, but nothing looks wrong with it.

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Often it is hard to find a failure on an MB

by w2ktechman In reply to Re; Ok, try this

but sometimes it can be seen.

With no power at all, not even the PSU starting to work (fans spin and stop) I am pretty certain that your new PSU died.

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