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    Installed new ram now get blue screens


    by joe_ollie ·

    Hi people , i recently upgraded my computer from having 512mb ddr 2 667 ram to 2 gb of ddr 2 667 ram.

    Now my motherboard only has two ram slots so i took out my 512 and inserted the two 1gbs. Windows would proceed to load but would bluescreen usually stating that there was a page file fault on a none paged area. Sometimes iut would load but the blue screen appears sooner or later.

    On looking on the dxdiag before the crash it stated that 2Gb of ram was installed. However when i rebooted it said only 1.5 gb of ram was present even though the 2 1 gb sticks were installed.

    I thought it was a ram problem so i removed the ram and placed each one with my 512mb stick but both worked until after rebooting one time windows stated taht i only had 1 gb of ram present even though i had one of the 1 gb sticks present and the 512

    When using both sticks of 1gb ram i got a message in windows stating registry files had been damaged but fixed.

    Now i looked at my motherboard beforehand and it states on many websites (crucial etc) and in the motherboard manual that it can support up to 2gb of memory with 1gb ram sticks being compatible. My motherboard is an Acer t650/e500/AF 5 if that helps

    I am using Windows Xp Media Centre Edition 32 bit and as far as i know that supports up to 3gb of ram (including video ram right?)So i shouldnt have any problems

    I was wondering whether the motherboard does the same in incorporating the Video ram from my graphics card (which is 256mb) into its maximum memory and so when using both 1gb sticks at the same time it pushes the memory up to 2.25 gb which is causing the instability?

    Or is it just the ram that is faulty

    when using both pieces of 1gb ram upon rebooting i found that my system 32 file had been corrupted and so used my backup cds which caused my C drive to be wiped 🙁

    Any ideas is the ram, windows being an arse or my motherboard?

    Thanks alot

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      by joe_ollie ·

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      RIght RAM?

      by clbuck29 ·

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      DId you purchase the right type of RAM for the motherboard? Also on some machines the BIOS may not supoort the amount of RAM you installed and it would need to be reconfigured for the RAM installed or the BIOS may possibly need to be updated. Check the BIOS first before you go and replace anything else.

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