installed xp on a vista based pc, no audio, cannot find drivers

By pedroclam ·
does anyone know where I can find drivers that will work on my pc?- compaq presario SR2150nx

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Some confusion over sound drivers...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to installed xp on a vista ...

Assuming your system uses the RealTek ALC888 sound standard this link may help:


If not, you should really post with the sound system your computer runs with.

Download 'Belarc Advisor' and find out what sound chip is in your system:


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no driver excist

by Eddiejla In reply to installed xp on a vista ...

I?ve been looking into the same thing according to my research, motherboard was made by ECS part# 5188-6734 cheep manufacturer however they don?t have the drivers for it. HP and Microsoft are selling these computers cheep however the XP software is not compatible with the driver because they are vista built? how rediculus is that. The only thing you can do is probably find a company that make custom drivers. I found one a couple of months ago but cant remember the name it. Also, you cant clone vista without having to go through ****.

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board 5188-6734

by compuricho In reply to no driver excist

Hello Eddie, thanks for your commnet about DRIVER NO EXCIST, that make me feel sad but
Please, can you help me to find the company have drivers that one two months ago ?
I will appreciate.
thank you very much.

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Same problem

by turner.fiddaman In reply to installed xp on a vista ...

Exactly the same problem & yes, it's a Realtek ALC888. I am getting the owner of the machine to install Belarc Advisor & send me the report.

What I did find so far is that the card has a DeviceID of 27D something, while the XP driver is looking for 0110 (from memory here, so please don't quote me).

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Rule #1. Always check for available drivers before doing this

by ManiacMan In reply to installed xp on a vista ...

You never want to find out after the fact that your attempt was a complete waste of time.

Try searching on http://www.drivers.com

you may be able to find something

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Maybe try this

by jeffzz421 In reply to installed xp on a vista ...

So I myself went through an upgrade from Vista to Xp on a compaq presario. My machine is however a laptop with different hardware. If you are at your last wits over this one I have one suggestion. Upon discovering the process on how to do this on my machine, I found that there is a "driver" that you must install on my machine before other drivers will even install themselves. The Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) bus driver for high definition audio. I honestly have no idea if this will work for you, I simply know that my machine came with Vista, and unless I installed that first, my sound drivers would not install properly and not work.

Try installing the UAA and then that 888 driver that someone has posted above.

This link is one to your driver (I think) that also installs the UAA.


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Download your audio drivers for XP here... :)

Have a look in your manual and find out what on-board sound card you have. If you do not know then download from realtek.com.
Run the driver and see if it works on your XP machine, if it does then save it on a cd or flash drive.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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