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Installing 2000 after XP Professional

By bklynginsburg ·
I am trying to install an evaluation copy of 2000 professional on my XP Professional system without losing the XP. It won't let me because the "Operating system you are trying to install is an older version than the one you are currently running." I realize I could wipe XP install 2000 and put XP bback in but I would prefer not to. Is there a way around this? Help!

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System Commander

by timwalsh In reply to Installing 2000 after XP ...
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I take it you meen 2003 RC2

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Installing 2000 after XP ...

If not where did you get an evalution copy of 2000 from as 3002 is less than 2 months away. My way around this was to totally remove the XP HDD and use a clean drive to try out 2003 it is simple and there is no chance that you will corupt your existing OS. Of course I disabled all the other internal HDD both IDE and SCSI. I've just had a look at an old 2000 prerealese that claims to expire on relaese of the final product so I would suspose you are talking about 2003. Any HDD of about 6 Gig would be sufficent to run this OS and there should be pleanty of these around and even if you don't have one at hand you can always go to one of the computer flea markets and buy 1 really cheeply. Best of luck with 2003 it is an evulition of 2000 rather than a revolution of 2000 like XP was revolutionary to 98/ME. Anyway if you have a copy of 2003 RC2 the Writting Secure Code that came with it is far more interesting and it is worth the time to have a play with it even if the book is 500 pages long it is at least well laid out and easily understandable.

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