installing a dell oem vista on another dell machine

By shrpsam93 ·
hello again.
my sister has a dell studio laptop running vista home premium oem license

is it possible to use that cd to install the same license on an inspiron 1520
i remember it may have worked before but i need to make sure just in case things have changed. if this doesnt work, am i able to use ABR utitlity to insall the key to that laptop?

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No No No

by tintoman In reply to installing a dell oem vis ...

Apart from anything else to this would constitute software piracy, each license entitles you to install ONE copy on ONE computer, in any case if you use the Dell system restore disk for you sister's computer it will not contain the necessary drivers for your computer and will not install properly

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You can do this maybe

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to installing a dell oem vis ...

But you should expect a call from M$'s Legal Department with a Please Explain why you are pirating their products.

They will then hit you over the head with heaps of Paper and after 100K or so in your Legal Expenses they will offer an Out of Court Settlement of .25 Million and listing you in their Enforcement Alerts as the Criminal that you are.

Of course if this isn't a First Offense they could drag you through the courts but if they chose to offer another Out of Court Settlement it will be considerably higher than for a First Offense.

As you have to Activate all copies of Vista they will know that something screwy is happening here.

It's really much cheaper and safer to buy a new License as OEM Product from M$ is only Licensed to the Original Hardware that it was first Activated on.

So while it may be possible to load to a different system the risks involved in the Criminal Activity make in Uneconomical to try to begin with. Not to mention Illegal.


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ok ill think ill wait till windows 7

by shrpsam93 In reply to You can do this maybe

thanks for your input everyone
i think ill stick to what i have and wait till i get w7. besides, i didnt like vista that much anyway

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Remember that 7 is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ok ill think ill wait til ...

Just Vista Developed. Most Vista Drivers work for 7 and if the hardware is rated for Vista it will work with 7.


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You can do this.

by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to installing a dell oem vis ...

It is a little risky just for Vista, but you can install this copy of Windows on your computer. You may not get all of the drivers you are looking for when you install the OS but those are easy enough to download (most of the drivers will be there though). All though possible, it is highly unlikely for Microsoft to trouble with one person using their sisters setup disc. They have enough on their plate with the 7 release. As well you really wouldnt have to worry. Was the OS on your computer Home Premium before? If so just use the Product key off of the label on the bottom side of the computer.

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What the F***!

by tintoman In reply to You can do this.

do you think you are doing encouraging software piracy on this forum?
You are a dickhead....GET OUT!!!

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You are in Ga Ga Land if you believe that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to You can do this.

Every version of Vista even the Volume License Stuff needs to be Activated so M$ will know.

If you truly believe that they are not interested in Preventing Piracy and that their Legal Departments yes M$ has their own Legal Departments in every country and they are big departments are all tied up in dealing with the Home Parties being used to Launch 7 I suggest you do this and wait for M$ to come knocking on your door.

They dislike people stealing from them and they like to jump on them at every opportunity.


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well i dont

by shrpsam93 In reply to You are in Ga Ga Land if ...

i dont believe it, i believe that they are completely against it(besides its against the law here and pretty much everywhere else)
when i have the money im going to buy W7 (4 licenses, 4 people living here) that way i can get what i want and also do it legally! Never in a million years would i like to have M$ knocking at my door unless its a good thing. however i do appreciate the inputs given and the quick response to start with.


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Sam it may pay you to look

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to well i dont

At a 5 License Volume License rather than buy 4 OEM Copies.

Sure you'll have one extra that you are paying for but Volume License is cheaper per workstation and isn't tied to the Original Hardware like OEM is.

The Business who buys the Volume License owns the Volume License and provided that they do not install it on more than the number of computers that they buy Licenses for they are free to use it as long as they like.

Depending on where you are in AU I could point you to a Supplier for Volume License Product. They just supply 1 Install Copy and a Product Key no COA's and you're free to install it on whatever you like.

If you want more information drop me a Peer Mail.


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