Installing a New Server

By abenlevi ·
I actually have a few questions, and I am already leaning towards an answer. But I wanted to talk to a few experts to get different opinions.

I am the IT tech for a small firm, 1 server (Windows 2003, Dell PE 600SC), 20 computers (All Windows XP). Originally I discovered that there isn't enough room to upgrade to Service Pack 2 on the server. (12 GB partition, 80 GB hardrive) The system partition is too small, the people who installed the server managed to synchronize all the company documents on both the C: drive and the drive. Meaning, if I try to move the documents from the C: to another partition, it ends up deleting the documents from the drive. I can't move the company documents at all. Since I could not move the documents at all, I had decided to rebuild the server.

Did a simple back up, and in the process of preparing the server, I disovered that the server BIOS would NOT recognize the CD-ROM. When I tried to change the boot order, the BIOS did not have an option for the CD-ROM. Only the floppy drive and the Hard Drive. Contacted Dell, I was informed that it could be the IDE cable. The reasoning being: that since the CD-ROM is recognized by Win2003, there is a problem with the cable itself. One of the pins is not connected. Which also means that it could be the pins motherboard or the pins on the CD-ROM. Which will take time to test each item to see if replacing parts will fix it, and there is no guarantee that this will work. And it it does, I will still have to reinstall 2003.

Now to my questions:
1) Is there any way to unsync the MyDocuments folder with the company files on the drive? Every time I try to move the files from the MyDocuments folder, it deletes it out of the drive.

2) Is there any program that can resize the system partition? If I can resize it, I could probably avoid having to reinstall Server 2003.

3) Should I try to fix the problem with the CD-ROM or just install a brand new Server? I am not too concerned about the budget. I am leaning toward getting a new server because I won't be limited by the previous tech's mistakes. I will know the server inside and out, and won't have to worry about the NEXT problem. Also, if I go the route to try to fix it, It will take weeks to order and test each component.

Any help would be appreciated.

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my thoughts to your questions

by jesher In reply to Installing a New Server

first the easiest thing to do with the docs is copy to another location then remove from my docs with out sitting in front of one of my servers i would not try to walk you thru the process. Have you tried partition magic on the drive i have not done it with a server as of yet but it can be done you can find many links to 30 trials of the software.

**** if budget is not an issue buy the new server transfer data and rebuild the existing server and avoid the first to questions altogether. This solution would also give the use of a backup server for ie..bdc app server, exchange only server or existing file server.

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One of the

by XT John In reply to my thoughts to your quest ...

best partition programs I've come across is an open source utility called Gnome Partition Editor.

I've used this successfully on 2 servers. It CAN move data around on the new partitions, thjough i never trusted it to. I'd reccommend backing up all the documents, resize the partition, then restore the docs ontot the new partition.

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