Installing a new server

By unvmy98z ·
Here is the scenario. This is my first true DC change over. I understand from my "training" and research what everything is and does, but its the initial setup that I want to make sure I have right.

Server 2003 standard SP1. Its a DC, and a TS. AD is very very simple. 9 pc's, and 9 users. no GP's or GPO's.

They are moving up from a white box to an HP quad core. Using all the same software including OSAS and ACT.

To start I am going to load the OS, and then install TS. Join the domain with a new IP and Server Name. I will then do a DCPROMO? I then should allow it 24 hours for DC roles to transfer? Then transfer all of my databases, and files over (obviously after installing OSAS and ACT on the new server). How does the AD install work? the same as TS? Then after that I can DCpromo the old DC to a member server and remove it from the network (after a few days of positive performance on the new server)...

I work for a consulting firm right now, and after 8 years of help desk/network administration as a jr. I am moving up to a Mid level, and starting the installs. Like I said I am very familiar with these "tools", and how they work, just never had to do a initial setup... Also, the company is using all the same licenses. will that cause an issue when brining the new server online (windows product key, and TS licensing are my main concern.

Sorry for typing so much, but I want to understand it, and we (my company) are "to busy" for someone to actually train me. So I am trying to figure it out on my own. Once I get enough experience I am going to venture out on my own (as an individual IT consultant)...

Thanks in advance.

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Got the major steps

by Churdoo In reply to Installing a new server

You've got the major steps, just a few gaps to fill in for you.

First, it's unusual to have TS in application mode on a DC -- not impossible, but it does pose a security risk and it's not enabled out of the box on DC's, so you'll have to dork with permissions a bit on the Term Server configuration, and maybe something in Group Policy. Oh wait, the GP part (allow logon through TS) would have already been done on the Default Domain Controllers GP to get the first server working. Verify this as I'm hoping they didn't just make all users administrators to allow them to log onto TS on the DC.

Second, after you DCPROMO the new server as a DC, the FSMO roles will not transfer automatically. You will have to do this or else they won't transfer until you demote the first DC, and you won't have a valid test. Follow this article,

Third, Don't forget to make the new server a GC. AD Sites and Services, dig down to the new server / NTDS Settings / right-click / Properties / check Global Catalog

Lastly, how do the clients get their IP address and settings, via DHCP I presume? If the DHCP server is also on the DC, you'll have to configure this on the new DC and/or modify the DNS IP in Server Options or Scope Options accordingly shortly after you bring the new DC online. Then of course disable DHCP on the old server for your X-day proving period before demoting the old server.

Oh one more thing, you may have to modify user properties in ADUC for profile paths if used, or Home Directory path if used, and you may have to modify logon script(s) if default drive mappings change.

You asked "How does the AD install work?" DCPROMO does the "AD install," just follow the DCPROMO wizard, plus let it install/configure DNS for you.

As for re-using the product key and licenses. Since you are indeed demoting and presumably retiring the white-box server, then it's fine to re-use the product key and licenses. WPA may squawk first on the new server about the product key having already been reported, and if so, you simply need to call the activation hotline and tell them you've retired the old server and they will complete the activation. Transferring the CAL's should not be a problem.

For the TS CAL's, you'll have to deactivate the old server TS Licensing server and install / activate TS licensing on the new server before you retire the old server. Again, this should not be a problem as long as you deactivate the old before activating TS licensing on the new.

I think I've hit everything. If I've missed something, ask back and/or someone else can fill in the gaps.

Good luck and have fun!

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by unvmy98z In reply to Got the major steps

I forgot to mention the DHCP, and DNS, but was ready for them. Yes it is running DHCP.

Thank you for all your imput it will deffinitaly help when I do the install next week!

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