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Installing a Oracle 8i on Linux

By cf_7 ·
I've a bla-bla.dmp.gz Oracle 8i data base file in Linux and want to install it on a Windows system. Please tell how can I do that?

Any help is welcome.

Please help. Please help.

tnkx in advance.

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by Jaqui In reply to Installing a Oracle 8i on ...

extract the archive database dump.
( .gz is a gzip file extension )
then use oracle to import the .dmp

you might need to edit it to add the create statements to make the db and tables, as well as inserts, depending on if the .dmp has them or not.

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RE: simple

by cf_7 In reply to simple

Thanks for your kind help.

Whenever I try this command:

I>imp userid=technos/technos file=noic.dmp log=extract_noic full=y toid_novalidate=naventry_ty

I get the following error:

Export file created by EXPORT:V08.01.07 via conventional path
Warning: the objects were exported by TECHNOS, not by you

I don't know how to create the TECHNOS

The problem here is, I need to create an Oracle account called TECHNOS with CONNECT, UNLIMITED quota on target tablespace, and IMP_FULL_DATABASE system privileges. And I don't know what to do.

Please help! I'm running Windows 2003 with Oracle 8i Enterprise Server installed, it's a new/clean installation. Do I need Oracle 8i Client softwares too?

Please help me creating the TECHNOS


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by Jaqui In reply to RE: simple

was the server admin login for the oracle server the db was created on.

run the server admin app, set up a second admin account called TECHNOS

you will need the client software to acess the database, but not to import it, if you can setup and login under an account with same name as original.

or, open the .dmp with wordpad, it should be a plain text or rich text file, despite the .dmp extention.
edit the created by name to match your admin login.
remove password data and replace with proper password if needed.

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RE: technos

by cf_7 In reply to TECHNOS

Thanks Jaqui

Password and everything else went fine. But now I'm getting this error ISO error!!!

ISO Error:

Export file created by EXPORT:V08.01.07 via conventional path
import done in WE8ISO8859P1 character set and WE8ISO8859P1 NCHAR character set
IMP-00069: Could not convert to environment national character set's handle
IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

I guess it would be the last step.


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looks like

by Jaqui In reply to RE: technos

it's a charset issue.
iso8859-1 is default western europe language encoding.
hense the WE8 ISO8859P1
you have an extra charset, the iso8859-1 NCHAR showing for some reason.

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re: looks like

by cf_7 In reply to looks like

Any workarounds to get things go smoothly?


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