Installing a secondary hard disk

By Shaun.31 ·
I am trying to install a secondary hard drive on a HP D530 that currently has a Western Digital Hard Drive (WD800LB). I have been given a Seagate Ultra 320 to install but it is a 80-pin connection and the Western Digital is a 40-pin.

What is the best configuration for this?

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please post the exact model numbers

by TG2 In reply to Installing a secondary ha ...

Please post the exact model numbers.

When you say you have been given an Ultra 320

is that an SCA drive or IDE When you say 80 pins that suggests this is an Ultra 320 (speed) SCA (the connector) SCSI (the technology) drive.

IDE and SCSI are not the same and need their own types of controllers to connect to. You can't directly convert from SCSI to IDE, you go through a SCSI Card for Scsi drives, and IDE you hook to an IDE controller.

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Model numbers

by Shaun.31 In reply to please post the exact mod ...

Sorry about that.

The PC itself is a HP D530CMT and it has a Western digital 70GB Hard drive (WD800LB-60DNA) (IDE Interface). The hard drive that I am wanting to connect is a Seagate Cheetah (ST336607LW) (68pin SCA Female).

If it is posible, I am thinking that I will need to use a SCSI bridge.

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Sorry for delay .. but yes, you're going to need scsi in there

by TG2 In reply to Model numbers

So it IS an SCA drive .. you need an SCA to HD68 converter.
(there are cheaper ones out there, search for them)
and then you'll need a SCSI card supporting hd68 U320

You could be looking at 100 dollars all together to get this drive in place.

a new 500 gig drive on line only costs 99 to 119 dollars..

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Thanks for that... how does this look?

by Shaun.31 In reply to Sorry for delay .. but ye ...

The drive that I have has a Female connection on it so if I just put a gender changer on there, is that okay?

Would something like this do the trick for the SCSI card?


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Need more information

by tpac In reply to Installing a secondary ha ...

I need more information to help you. I looked up the WD800LB and it appears that this is an ATA/IDE drive, correct? It sounds like the Seagate Ultra 320 is a SCSI drive, eh? What exactly are you asking? If the WD Hdd is an IDE drive and the Seagate is a SCSI then they will NOT work on the same controller. Please let me know if my assumptions are correct and give me some more insight as to what you need to know.

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