Installing a third party SCSI or RAID DRIVER

By Dolphin111 ·
I recently forgot my admin password, and i was given a software in a start up disc to unblock the admin account but this as to be done using windows 2000 or Xp with boot up capacity, i'm supposed to install this password software at the step where it says to install a third party scsi or raid driver press F6, when i press F6 to change the cd nothing happens the win installation just goes on. Can any one help? How do i get to next step if F6 does not work i also tried different keyboard any solutions?

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F6 or F8

by TheChas In reply to Installing a third party ...

I just did this a few weeks ago, but can never remember which F key it is.

Just make sure it is the key displayed on the screen.

After you hit the F key, it takes several minutes for the installer to reach the point where it is ready for you to change disks and load the driver / software.

Just be patient.


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by Dolphin111 In reply to F6 or F8

Thanks for the tip man i will try it.

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No that's right it's the F6 Key

by OH Smeg In reply to F6 or F8

F8 is for Safe Mode.

However you do have to wait till you are prompted to load the Floppy. When the First Blue Screen appears push and hold down the F6 Key for a few seconds and then wait till you are prompted.

If this still isn't working look at your Keyboard is it a USB Keyboard?

If so use a PS2 Keyboard as these do not need to wait till Windows is loaded to start the Drivers for them. You may also have to switch the Function Keys on depending on your keyboard. If you have a F Lock Key you need to press that first before pressing the F6 Key.


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Installing a third party SCSI or RAID drivers

by mohammad_saleem2 In reply to Installing a third party ...

Hi dude,

i got u, but u have to press CTRl+F6 while its installing, not at first stage of installation, but in a second stage of installation u need to press it.

- MAS **9963323631

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