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Installing Active Directory (NTFRS.EXE)

By davisins ·
I hope I can explain this correctly. I recently installed Win 2000 Server Full version. I want to set up a DOMAIN rather than a workgroup so that I will have all of the security that a DOMAIN offers. I am running a Netgear RT 314 Router that runsNAT & DHCP. When I run DCPROMO and install Active directory after the install is finished I get a message that it can't find the files needed for File Replication Service. I assume this means it can't find the file NTFRS.EXE.

Additionally, Iloaded Win 2000 server from the 4 floppy disks and upon loading the OS there were many files that were not on the CD or else some other issue was present. Following are a list of a few of the files that the install couldn't find.
1. eudcedit.exe
2. jet500.dll
3. ntfrs.exe
5. appser~1.cls

There were many other files that could not be located and to long to list here. What in the world am I doing wrong.

My ultimate goal is for a single DOMAIN for Win 2000 Server and also to run RRAS for incoming connections and to create a VPN for incoming internet connections.

NTFS is the partition.

Please Help

Mike R. Davis

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Installing Active Directory (NTFRS.EXE)

by craig haunch In reply to Installing Active Directo ...

Do you mean when you installed W2k and it was reading from the cd it couldn't find the files on the W2k cd, is so it could be a faulty cd, try loading on a spare pc (if you have one) and see if you get the same problem. If you do borrow someone elses cd to install.
If it goes on ok it might be the cdrom.

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Installing Active Directory (NTFRS.EXE)

by davisins In reply to Installing Active Directo ...

Didn't help me. The CD is good and I have verified this. I am running a dynamic IP address rather than static. Could this be the reason for the file replication service "Unable to locate the specified file" error. Please help. I know that I should be able to load active directory and set up my Domain controller but it's not working.

Please help immediately. If you can fix this I will give you any amount of tech points you desire.

Mike R. Davis (5610 963-5753

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Installing Active Directory (NTFRS.EXE)

by maxwell edison In reply to Installing Active Directo ...

There are a number of issues you need to address.

Cut and paste these links to some most useful information on installing and configuring Windows 2000 server with RRAS.

(REMOVE SPACES from the pasted URLs.)

good luck,


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