Installing an ESATA controller in Dell Power Edge 6800

By brad.moon50 ·
I am trying to install a new Addonics ADSA3GPX1-2E eSATA controller in Dell Power Edge 6800.
I am unable to see a new device in device manager whin I install the card into any of the 4 PCI-E slots. This system also has 2 dell pert 4 raid controllers installed in two of it?s PCI-x slots. They are running 1 mirror set and 2 raid 5 sets. The OS is installed on the Mirror set. The controller is a PCI-E x1 and the server has 3 PCI-E x4 slots and 1 X8 slot. The server is running server 2003 SP2 32bit.
The eSATA controller has been installen into another test 2003 server and ti seems to work fine there, so the controler appears to be ok.
Does anyone have any Idea as to why it cannot be seen?

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Try opening the BIOS and checking it's settings

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Installing an ESATA contr ...

It is just possible that something there is turned off which is causing this to happen.

However it is far more likely that you have a Chip Set Incompatibility between the E SATA Controller and either the M'Board or the RAID Controllers here so that this particular Daughter Card will not work in this particular System. Most likely you will need one from a different Maker with a Different Chip Set.


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The controler's BIOS Settings?

by brad.moon50 In reply to Try opening the BIOS and ...

OH Smeg
Thanks for the reply, but I was unsure where you wanted me to look? During the Boot process of the test server, I went into the card's configuration. It is a very simple menu driven configuration. The only setting had to do with building raid sets, deleting raid sets, showing raid sets, and low level formatting of drives. So I don't see anything there. As for the real server I will need to look the next time I can boot it. It is my SQL Database Server so my playing time is limited!
The Addonics controller I have been working with is based on the Silicon Image 3132 chip set. Early on in this process I was also working with a SIIG PCI based controller. It would show up, but would also disappear after a while. It was based on the Initio 1620 chip set.

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Sorry I should have said System BIOS not the Card BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The controler's BIOS Sett ...

You'll need to look in the Computers BIOS and double check things there.

But I think you'll find that it's really the Card Chip Set not playing nice with either the M'Board or the 2 RAID Controllers. I've seen that numerous times with some M'Boards that just will not work with some Controller Cards.

The only other thing you can do is fit the card to a different Slot but as I think you've said that you have already done that you are sort of stuck with a Chip Set Incompatibility.


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Have another Initio based card to try

by brad.moon50 In reply to The controler's BIOS Sett ...

I have another PCI, Initio based card that I hope to be able to try tonight. This should either prove or disprove your incompatibility theory. One other thing I forgot to mention, I did upgrade the BIOS on the mother board to the latest Dell has for this PowerEdge 6800 before my last few attempts. It did not seem to make any difference.

Thanks for the help! I will post my findings.

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Lets know how you get on then

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Have another Initio based ...

I've seen lots of Daughter Cards that are just Flaky with quite a few Dells and the Power Edges seem just as bad as the rest of Dell Products in this respect.


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