Installing Apps thru SMS 2003 w/batch/cmd files

By jgould3207 ·
I've created simple batch files to copy files locally thru an advertised program in the past.

What I am attemtpting to do, is have my batch/cmd file copy the LMConsole.msi locally, then run the install(with given admin rights thru the advertisment).

If the batch is ran straight from the shared drive, it runs as anticipated, but thru advertised programs, get the error that the files are unavailable.
I've attempted w/drive mode w/UNC name, and specific drive, no difference. I've put the full path in the "start in" field and left if blank, still recieve same error.

I have approx 3 apps, that will need to be deployed like this, so if i get one going, i feel that the others will fall into line.

thank you any assistance in advance.

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If they are MSIs

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Installing Apps thru SMS ...

Why not use group policy to deploy them administratively?

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No Go On group policy

by jgould3207 In reply to If they are MSIs

due to complaints of extended login time (especially w/encrypted laptops), we are minimizing what gets done thru GP, and since not everybody will be receiving all of these apps, it's more precise going thru SMS.

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Couple things

by Brenton Keegan In reply to No Go On group policy

You can be precise down to the computer with GP software installs. Create a group and add computers you want to get a particular app. Then apply that group to the "scope" of the group policy object. You need to remove the default scope obviously.

The slowness you are countering may be due to the fact that you have not disabled User Group Policy settings on the software deployment GPOs. Sofware assignment (not publication) is a per-computer setting so nothing should be processing at login (unless you didn't disable user policy processing on that gpo).

Sorry if I am pushing a solution that doesn't work for you, but I've had better experience with group policy deployment. So that's my input, do with it as you will.

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Installing Apps thru SMS 2003 w/batch/cmd files

by chakraborty9 In reply to Installing Apps thru SMS ...


Pl. follow the below mentioned steps:

1. create one folder by name LMConsole
2. copy LMConsole.msi in that.
3. create .bat file by name LMConsole.bat

both the msi and bat file shoould be in a same folder.

4. open & edit file in notepad and past below command

xcopy /Q /R /Y LMConsole.msi "%systemroot%\system32"

5. "%systemroot%\system32" this may be change by you like
?c:\? OR ?c:\programfile?

5. crate one package in SCCM\SMS and select in program to run only LMConsole.bat file.

6. update DPs.

7. advertised in 10 systems for UAT and check.

Confirm while facing any challenges.

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