Installing became very slow

By tbadlov ·

I have a seagate hard drive that i had to send back to them since it required a firmware update. ever since then each time i'm installing a game out of a virtual drive it take hours to install it. after that it runs fine.

any ideas? thank you

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Couple or more questions ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Installing became very sl ...

What is your OS?

What virtual drive software are you using?

What size and format is the disc image?

Is this slow install within or across partitions/HDDs?

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Answers to questions

by tbadlov In reply to Couple or more questions ...

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
Virtual Drive: Roxio
ISO, 4.71GB
it is on the same partition.


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Definitely dump your Virtual Drive software ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Answers to questions

Grab a download of MagicDisc and try using it instead - it's FREE and fully functional right out of the box:


Or if you like you could try PowerISO - this is only a limited trial though, as you have to pay for the full version:


Roxio may be better software now than it was years ago, but years ago I developed an acute distaste for it and haven't used it since. Just my personal opinion of course.

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Thanks for your advice

by tbadlov In reply to Definitely dump your Virt ...

I have done so and will report back when i'll have any development on this.

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Another question

by Nimmo In reply to Installing became very sl ...

Do programs/games install fine when you install them from the CD or is it just when you the virtual drive? If so have you tried uninstalling then re-installing the software.

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by tbadlov In reply to Another question

I havent tried insatlling from a cd yet. (These days, i don't think anyone has...)

i'll give it a try and will reply back.


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Another thought

by Nimmo In reply to Answer

Not sure what software you're using as a CD emulator but is there an updated version, maybe installed the latest version and give it a go.

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