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    Installing Defrag for Win2K Pro


    by pburke ·

    I upgraded a computer from WindowsNT 4. 0 Workstation to Windows2000 Professional and now I cannot get the Defrag to work. I get a message that says Snap in failed to initialize. Does anyone knows how to install the defragmenter from Win2K

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      Installing Defrag for Win2K Pro

      by xpertdragon ·

      In reply to Installing Defrag for Win2K Pro

      I am not entirely sure if there is very good support for Defrag under Windows NT 4 and Win 2000, or support at all. However, I have found that third party defragmenting utilities work best with NT and 2000. I have used “Disk Keeper” on both OS’s, think that they have done a much better job than MS Degrag ever could have. If you happen to have Norton’s Speed Disk, that will work on both of them as well. You can download a trial of Disk keeper I believe with good functionality.

      Paul M. Chavez

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      Installing Defrag for Win2K Pro

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to Installing Defrag for Win2K Pro

      WINNT\SYSTEM32\DFRG.MSC is the Win2K Defrag snap-in file. Try and double-click it to see if it starts.
      It is possible that the link to it from however you are trying to access it is broken. But, with all snap-ins, they can be run manually, or you can always open a blank MMC screen, and File -> Add Snap-in.

      Hope this helps.

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