Installing Driver To 2008 Server Properties

By Cudmasters Los ·
I have had success installing certain drivers on the 2008 64bit server. Just by right clicking in the printer section and selecting server properties, and adding driver. But why when i try to install others i get a type 3 - user mode, x86 driver. operation could not be completed 0x00000002 error. I have tried using PCL 5 & 6 with 2008, and xp drivers, using 32 and 64 bit for each. None of them work.

I am also kind of confused on what bit driver i need to install in the server, for a scenario where the user has a computer and printer, they log into terminal services, and instead of using ts easy print, i install the driver onto the server, so that driver will be used. In one instance, i installed a printer on the server, and only the 64 bit driver was installed. Works, no problem, and these are computers that are running xp that are printing to it. Other printers, i have installed both bit drivers, but the printers were not installed on the server, it works, but i can't tell if it is using the 64 or 32. When it is all said and done, i can not find anything consistant to figure this out.


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You need the ini file

by Nimmo In reply to Installing Driver To 2008 ...

I had this issue before, it is because the server is 64bit and your trying to install a 32bit driver, you need to have the .ini file for the driver.

Open print management and browse to the print servers>servername>drivers and add the driver in that way, making sure you have .ini files associated with the driver you want to install in the directory you are browsing.

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Installing Drivers

by Cudmasters Los In reply to You need the ini file

That is how i am trying to add them. I don't have a .ini file. The only file it will attempt to load is .inf. When i do that, it tells me the name of the printer, and pcl 5 or 6, even offers v5.1. But when i click on it, that is when i get the error. Also i went to a driver that had a .ini file, it won't show up. only .inf files

One in particulat that i am talking about is the HP universal 2008 64 or 32 driver

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Installing drivers

by Nimmo In reply to Installing Drivers

Sorry, bit of a misunderstanding, I don't think I explained that properly. The driver installation wont ask for the .ini files it will only ask for the inf file. The .ini file contains the information such as processor architecture needed for it to load an x86 driver into a x64 platform, just put the ini file in the same folder as the inf file.

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by Cudmasters Los In reply to Installing drivers

the universal driver does not have a ini file. another driver for a diffrent printer has both of the files in a folder, doesn't work

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welcome to HPs wonderful "have to use their software"

by CG IT In reply to Installing Drivers

to install drivers.

For some reason, HP has decided to stop offering network versions of their drivers, the ini and inf files, for printers and instead, you virtually have to install using their applications, as crappy as they are,to install drivers for these printers and then they aren't network drivers where users can search for then install on their machines.

If you downloaded the drivers which is a 15mb zip file, you unzip them to a folder. Inside are a bunch of files, one called install, gotta run that to install the drivers. the subfolder drivers isn't the real ini and inf drivers file folder just some .sys files and dynamic link libray files. If you run the install application, it simply installs the drivers for the machine, not network drivers...

so you could use this as a network install but it's not clean where you find a network printer and then install it with drivers automatically....

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HP and their software

by Nimmo In reply to welcome to HPs wonderful ...

Yeah I've noticed that the other day when I needed to setup a new printer, if you have an older printer the best way around is using the ini file though.

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Install exe

by Cudmasters Los In reply to HP and their software

Thanks CG, got PCL5 & 6 to work. I didn't even think to look for that cause i had the drivers on there before, forget why i took them off. but i remember having a difficult time installing them, read an article, and said to copy the onboard ntprint.ini file, and add to the universal folder. I tried it and didn't work this time. Anyways i did something like that. the .exe is deffinately much easier.


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