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Installing Exchange 2007 on Server 2008 DC

By plonka2000 ·
Hi all,
I'm having some trouble finding specific documentation. Our organisation is currently quite small and we're essentially designing our infrastructure from scratch.

I have installed an Exchange 2003 system in a Win 2003 environment, but I'm somewhat out of my comfort zone here so I am asking for help and any helpful sign posts to documents that I am having trouble finding.

The scenario is that we are to install our Windows 2008 AD DC soon with a plan to install Exchange 2007 on the same system. This is to facilitate our requirements until we separate the DC/Exchange functions later.
However, I'm having trouble finding documentation that specifies the potential pitfalls and practices of installing Exchange 07 directly on Server 08 as a single DC/Exchange server solution.

I am currently reading through the official MS and guidelines on installing exchange 07 on server 08.

I'm aware this is a strongly discouraged configuration but it is neccesary only as an interim solution and I would much appreciate if anyone could help to point me in the right direction of any helpful docs or kindly provide any advice.

I am thinking this sounds like a freeloader topic, but I really am looking for dics but cant find anything past the standard docs which dont cater for a single-server solution.

Thanks all.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Installing Exchange 2007 ...

How many users will be on this DC/Exchange server? <50, <100 or >100?

For Small Businesses with smaller budgets then installing Exchange on the DC is theonly option. The biggest thing to make sure is that the hardware is fast enough, has enough memory (8GB+) and enough disk space to take on both tasks.

Otherwise installation is pretty much the same as installing on member servers.

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Not a good Idea

by geoffm In reply to Installing Exchange 2007 ...

However I know little as to the situation as to why you would require such a senerio...

Once install as you are describing you find it difficault to divorce them once married, your better bet is to use (Deploy) SBS 2008 which is designed specifically for your situation. Otherwise the documentation you found dosen't change wheather your server is AD or non AD as long as you are 64 bit (and meet the other Hardware specs) your pretty much good to go

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Exchange 2007 is okay on a DC

by RechTepublic In reply to Installing Exchange 2007 ...

SBS 2008 is Server 2008 running Active Directory with Exchange 2007 SP1 installed. Therefore, it is 100% compatible.

The key is that SBS has a client limitation to prevent too many users from accessing the server at once. Because of this limitation MS believes it is okay to run Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL on the same server.

So if you have 75-clients or less and are only going to run Exchange on your DC you are well within MS's limitations.

I just finished my first install of Exchange 2007 on Server 2008 with AD and here are some important points:
1. You must have Exchange 2007 SP1 full installation. You cannot install Exchange 2007 on Server 2008 and patch it to SP1.
2. Before you install Exch 2007 SP1 follow the instructions for installing prerequisites here:**354.aspx
3. Make sure that you purchase a multi-domain SSL cert from a known provider. A cert is necessary to stop IE from giving users at a cert warning and the mulitiple domains are needed so you can set up Autodiscovery.
4. Use Microsoft Exchange PowerShell to create your SSL request and import it. Do not use IIS or the Certificates MMC snap-in.

Good luck!

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Exchange and DC on a same machine..

by In reply to Installing Exchange 2007 ...

Hi Kareem,

DC and Exchange on the same machine serves a sever impact, note server must be a global catalog server not just a DC. :)
Global catalog provides a central repository of domain information for the forest by storing partial replicas of all domain directory partitions.
searches to domain catalog are faster because it does not require any kind of referral.

but what i suggest try not to install DC with exchange, install it on different server and it is simple.


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