installing java ide

By A N D ·
i want to start programming in java using the netbeans ide provided by sun. please provide me with all the steps & links to required downloads to install the java development software properly (in proper order). assume that i have a newly formatted machine with only win xp installed (nothing else).

(i tried downloading netbeans directly thrice but it says file corrupted. all other tools require some prerequisites trapping me into a vicious circle. please help. im getting frustrated!)

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by Saurondor In reply to installing java ide

Visit here:

Get the "JDK 6 Update 13 with NetBeans 6.5.1"

This will download an exe which you will have to install in the usual manner.

Personally I use Eclipse which I find has some better features than NetBeans. You can find it here:

It comes in various flavors and doesn't need to be installed. Just unzip it to a directory and get to work. That allows you to have various versions at any one given time.

What are you interested in doing? Web apps? Desktop apps?

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mostly desktop & cell phone apps

by A N D In reply to Downloads

mostly desktop apps & a bit of cell phone apps. web apps is not my priority now.

i found a motorola SDK supposed to be designed to create apps for moto cell phones. any idea how useful that is

anyway thanks a lot!

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NetBeans vs Eclipse

by Saurondor In reply to mostly desktop & cell pho ...

I think NetBeans rocks for mobile development. Haven't seen anything as good in Eclipse. Eclipse rocks for desktop and web development. For example autocomplete is better in Eclipse (at least until a year or two ago). I also understand NetBeans is great for Java FX development (which you might want to dig into as it supports mobile devices). Eclipse is pretty bad.

I recommend you look into MyEclipse ( A paid tool (aprox 50 USD per year) that has great support for a lot of Java frameworks. It has a GUI tool for creating windows and stuff like that, but personally I use JFormDesigner. It will run you a couple hundred dollars, but its the best I've seen.

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