Installing legacy video display driver

By Acqanal ·
I have an old PC where I had to reformat the HD and now lost the Win 98 drivers for my S3 Trio3D on-board adapter. Can I copy the files from a similar PC to the reformated PC if I am able to identify the files? I can't seem to find the installation drivers from the internet. Thanks for your help.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Installing legacy video d ...

Chances are that the install requires registry manipulation which won't be done on a file copy. If you can find the install file on the older pc, then you are all set. I'd call the mfr to see if they can e-mail them to you.

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No but you can install them

by Slayer_ In reply to Installing legacy video d ...

All you got to do is locate the INF file and right click, install.

First network your computers together, then on the broken one, browse the system of the good one. Walk to the good one and punch up the adapter properties.

Go to the Driver Tab, and click Driver Details
In there, it will list all required files, copy them to the correct locations on your broken system.

Now the harder part, you need to find the INF file. Try doing a search on that system and search for the INF file. you might get lucky. (you can click Start/Search/Files and Folders. Then enter *.inf as your search term to display all driver installs) If you do, copy it to the correct location, then right click it and choose install.

Once installed, go to device manager, delete the default adapter and restart Win98, it should now re-autodetect the display adapter and hopefully find the correct drivers.

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Installing the S3 video drivers

by Acqanal In reply to No but you can install th ...

It worked! I did as you suggested with a little tweek here and there, and voila! Thanks a lot for your help.

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