Installing linux alternitively

By ch.hero ·
Don't laugh, but i have a dell latitude
c500/c600. Its a 700mhz celron with 512 megs of
ram and a ati m3. With only a 20 gig already
parted for Linux and windows dual boot, i need a
way of getting Linux on it...WITH OUT burning a

I found a way actually but it seems to not work
right. I have to use a live cd for this since
the net card i have seems to not have drivers
for it in all the distros and to get them i have
to compile them ( you try doing that on a livefs
with no other means of getting online besides
going back to xp)

I us UNETBOOTIN to install linux. A good
percentage of the ones it has in its list don't
mount the filesystems right and idk how to fix
them (nor can i give you any more info cuz i
keep trying ANOTHER one praying) The net card i
have is a networkeverywhere NW11B(dont quote me
on the model) and it uses the ACX firmware
is a texes instrument chipset (they make wifi?!?

Now, i can burn if I REALLY need to but i have
no freaking money to get cds like that...i
figure i would get cdrws and I did ...i got 4 of
them...but...i didn't hink about it not being
supported by my cd drive...yes it can burn those
cds..but not THESE ones...they are high speed
ones and burn at like 12x..i am figureing i need
to go slower meduim like 4 or 8 but i am out of
money...and homeless (don't ask...don't
judge..but i do have shelter so don't worry

I can figure a way of getting cdrws that work in
time ..but in the mean time what can you guys

(Note: Ubuntu is actually installed...but the
inet for some reasion DOESN"T WORK..idk
trys to connect to the router but NEVER
does...and sometimes because of it...kernel yeah..i want something different.)

Oh and if your wondering why i want linux, to
further my education with computers...linux
...and mac..but screw mac...are the only things
i haven't learned anything about. I love
learning, and problems like this are great..but
i am freaking stumped.

I want to learn about making a kernel..and just
messing with linux is alot better
then going to games and wasting time...i rather
learn something.

Ok sorry for the rant and the sheer lenth of
thngs ...but thank you in advance for your help.

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Well firstly I'm assuming that Ubuntu is stable

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Installing linux alternit ...

And you are trying to connect Wirelessly here. Is that correct?

With a lot of WiFi Cards Linux doesn't natively support the devices so you need to install the correct driver for your hardware.

This link may be of help to you to get the WiFi card to work under Ubuntu

Yes I know it's a different version of Nix and a different NB but the WiFi Card is the same one a True Mobile 1150 Series Mini-PCI Card. And as Ubuntu is loosely based on Red Hat the instructions apply.


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not quite

by Jaqui In reply to Well firstly I'm assuming ...

Ubuntu is based on Debian. not red hat.

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questions, for clarification

by Jaqui In reply to Installing linux alternit ...

do you have a floppy drive you can boot from?
do you have the linux bin files for your network card? [ the firmware ]
if yes, then a network install is possible with 2 or 3 floppy disks.

from here:
you have install instructions.
for all install options.
use the network.img for the boot floppy image
on the second floppy you need to have the firmware for the network card.

this url:
is the closest mirror you can install from, though I would use :
same location, different protocol.

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