Installing Local Printer to use via Remote Desktop

By helpme ·
Our company has a main office in one coast and a satellite office on the other. I work out of the satellite office. We just purchased a printer for use in our office, and am trying to install it.

The problem is that we use remote desktop from a Windows 2000 computer to connect to our server back on the West Coast. The new printer is installed on the local computer, but now our IT person on the West coast is saying that she needs to install the printer driver onto the server as well.

She is saying that we need to ship the actual printer to her, because there is no way to install the printer driver without the physical printer. I sent her the link to the driver download from the HP site, and she says it won't work unless she has the printer.

Is this really the case? Does she need the printer just to install the driver in order for us to use it through the remote desktop? I ask because our IT person is at times incompetent and doesn't know what she's talking about.


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Printer make and model?

by 1bn0 In reply to Installing Local Printer ...

Printer make and model?

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HP Photosmart D5160

by helpme In reply to Printer make and model?

HP Photosmart D5160

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by 1bn0 In reply to HP Photosmart D5160

Just had a chat with HP about your problem.
Theydind't actaully resolve but said something that made me think of an alternative.

Can the server network connect to your computer other than Terminal Services.

If so Try This:(Don't know if this will work. Never Tried It-at least I dont remember doing it this way)

Set up your printer and SHARE it.

Have the admin try to connect to it and install it as a network printer. Server should (might)download and install drivers or ask for them locally.

Once the driver is installed on the server , in whatever manner, it should be happy to services it as a remote Terminal Services Client printer as well.

(I know I've done something similar for the same reason before , just don't remember it.)

Please respond if this works.
I'm curious if you will even be able to get your admin to attempt this.

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Installing drivers via VPN works

by seba In reply to Suggestions.

I installed drivers via VPN and it works just fine.
The only problem is that print files are very large. If someone prints something with pictures it take some time to print that.


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It is possible to redirect a USB printer to a remote server

by Egil In reply to Installing Local Printer ...

According to this KB article at, all printers that are attached to a local port named LPT, COM or USB are redirected. But if its a multifunction printer thats attached via a port named DOT4, then you have a problem.

This link describes the problem in detail and provides a fix:

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Don't ship the printer

by rory-mcdonnell In reply to Installing Local Printer ...

Think about it logically.
If you had TS clients dotted all around the world with a local printer installed that they wanted to print to while using the TS server, would Microsoft create such scenario that all the printers would need to be sent to the location of the TS server just to install the drivers? I don't think so, it wouldn't be practical, and neither is sending your printer to the other office. I think the IT person in the other office needs to do some research.

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You missed the point (i think)

by jgates In reply to Don't ship the printer

Some hp's won't install if you don't plug them into the usb port during installation. (I know it is dumb they have since fixed that problem. I have with good success used the HP600 DJ driver and HP III Lj driver in it place for TS adding it first as an LPT then going to proprties and moving it to USB.

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Local printer with RDP

by pedrofasantos In reply to Installing Local Printer ...

If you remotely access your server from a windows 2000 you can't locally print. That's a feature that cames only with XP.
Your IT personnel have their western ideas but from east i can tell you that they don't need the printer there.
It would be a good idea if they connect remotely to your computer and install it if necessary.
well... it would cost you "company" less money and i quite sure that the printer will work with less 2 express travels around US.

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Use compatible driver

by jim In reply to Local printer with RDP

We face this issue all the time. HP bloats the drivers on their photo printers for some reason requiring the printer be attached for install. The Photo printers have regular printer drivers. I believe most will work with the deskjet 940c. Install the printer on your desktop with the 940c driver and tell them at your office to install the 940c driver on the server and you should be good to go.

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by rasmushn In reply to Installing Local Printer ...

The problem here is that HP does not provide the driver files on their own. HP only gives an installable file that only works with XP. The server *does* accept installing a printer driver for XP, however it does not accept an executable driver installable file intended for XP. Here's the workaround:

1) Extract driver files from executable driver installation file downloaded from On an XP machine run the executable file, let it unpack all the files until it is ready to install. Locate the temporaryli unpacked files in your Temp dir (C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp\hp_webrelease) and copy the entire folder to your server.

2) Install on server:
Go to: Control panel -> Printers -> menu:File -> menu item: Server -> tab:Drivers -> button: Add -> button: Have disk -> locate file "hppipnsa.inf".

Finish installing... hey presto

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