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Installing modem

By jviper777 ·
I've been trying to install my internal modem but windows will not recognize it. I have installed the drivers that came with it and have set it up in the modems section. When I try to use the diagnostic on it I get a reply of your modem did not respond. It is pluged into the PCI card slot and correctly plugged in. I have it on comm port 1 but it doesn't seem to stay there. Everytime I open up the settings I have to pick were to go with it.

Any help?

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It aint really a Serial Comms Device.

by ?aldy In reply to Installing modem

Because Internal Modems utilise some severe tricks to appear as what they are not, and actually rely on software to operate (Try an internal Modem in DOS, with no TSR's, and check the hassles for Linux/*nix !!!), DO NOT assign the damned things to an existing REAL port! Try setting the thing to "Port" 3 or 4. Personally, I'd rather steer clear of "Infernal" Modems, and have clients enjoy the safety and security of an external unit - you can easily remove an external unit, and with no Modem, NO unauthorised Internet access is possible! Similarly, with no attachment to the 'phone lines (External unit removed), lightening strikes to Telco lines can't destroy the MoBo!
If troubles persist, try a Google Search on the Modem Model Nr. - then scan through the Search Results, looking for Discussion Forum entries - a rich source of User info. on the unit in question. I use this technique when checking before purchasing a used unit, and when clients ask: "What's the best Modem for me to use?"
Hope this helps,

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by Ron Larson In reply to Installing modem

You don't state what os you are using win98-xp, anyway. you need to set it to com port 3 or 4 depending on your software. If it is a win modem it has special instructions , I would uninstall it and then reinstall and check your directions. get the latest drivers form the manufactures home page

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Modem Install

by jelitwin1 In reply to Modem

Presuming that you are using W98...

You need to go to your Control Panel, Click on "System", then "Device Manager"... Check and make sure that there are no Locical Modems installed. If any are installed or have that yellow question mark Icon, then remove these phantom devices... This will free up COM and IRQ Addresses.

Then Re-Boot the system and look to see if W98 finds your Modem. If you have an install disk with the Drivers, then use the "Have Disk" option after selecting your Modem Vendor from the listing.

Some modems come with Software either on a CD or Floppy Disks that will automatically do the Modem install for you...

You did not mention what O/S you are running or what type of Modem or it's Vendor.

Hope this helps you out...

Jim L.

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by KenLea1 In reply to Installing modem

Agree 100% with Baldy - internals are a ****** waste of time - if they go wrong or get lost. Go external, and you'll never lose it again. Do not try to install onto COM1 or COM2 - it ain't a serial port! It 'makes up' its own port and IRQ accordingto PCI bus streaming. So it 'should' be PnP. If it gets 'dropped', however,even uninstalling/reinstalling the driver won't work - Windows will autodetect and reload bad drivers from its internal database. You could try changing PCI slot - it mightjust work properly in another, so try them all. If it's too expensive to buy an external (ooh, 30 squid?) you can always reformat the hard disk and start again.... It can be fun, honest.

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