Installing .msi files using a GPO

By Racin627 ·
I am attempting to deploy Windows Defender with a GPO in a large AD forest. I am trying to find out what directories are available to store and call the .msi file from. Thus far, I am only able to deploy it if I have the file located on our primary domain controller and this will eventually cause replication issues. I would like to install from a one of our application servers but so far I have been unable to make it work from that location. I am using a fully qualified path also if that helps. I have also placed the call order after any drive mapping.


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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Installing .msi files usi ...

We mostly deploy opur msi packages from a share on our file server and have not had any problems doing so. Have you checked Share/NTFS permissions for the share you are trying to deploy from?

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if it was me

by CG IT In reply to Installing .msi files usi ...

I would assign Windows defender to computers.

here's a MS KB on assigning applications.

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by Racin627 In reply to if it was me

We are rechecking permissions, this may have been the key.

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make sure

by lowlands In reply to Reply

you assign the (share and file) permissions to the computer accounts if it is a computer rather than a user assigned package

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by Racin627 In reply to make sure

Evidently the permissions on shared drive was the problem. Recreated a root directory with full control for users solved the problem. Now we are adding permissions until we get the proper restrictions. Thanks for all the input!

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Permissions

Great! Glad we could help

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updating McAfee virus defination files using GPO

by bhaskar_js In reply to Awesome

Generally the dat files come in exe format and not .msi and also it is not a software but only update. Can we use GPO to update the McAfee throughout the network



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I Don't think

by jamey123 In reply to updating McAfee virus def ...

Only MSI and a few others can be use. You could make your exes into msi by using winstall le. first install it on fresh computer. then it notes changes and buuild msi that way. it may be easier to see if you can have mcAfee check a local "server" for the updates rather than killing your bandwith w/ clients

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