installing new hardware problems

By bluehuns ·
Why does Windows not recognize my new canon printer USB device if I plug it into any port?

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You have to use the Canon Driver disc FIRST ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to installing new hardware p ...

Canon printers are not standard USB devices, they are Canon printers that happen to connect via a USB plug.

You have to do things in a set order:

#1 Put the Canon Driver Disc in your optical drive.
#2 Let it install the drivers software.
#3 WAIT until the software TELLS you what to do - it'll specify a STRICT sequence that you must follow. DO NOT connect the printer to the computer until the software tells you to.

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thanks for peply

by bluehuns In reply to You have to use the Canon ...

Thanx for that but, I have already followed the standard install instructions and still the usb is not recognized even with the software fully installed ? ahahah lol

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In that case a little more detail would be good ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thanks for peply

Which version of Windows are you running?

What make and model of computer is this?

Which Canon printer are you using?

When you posted that Windows did "not recognize my new canon printer USB device if I plug it into any port" - what do you mean by that? In what way does it 'not recognize' it?

Could you be a bit more detailed?
Do you get an error message?
Does Device Manager show anything?
Have you tried using the Canon Printer Diagnostics software that the Drivers disc installed?
Have you yet to run the test pages from the Canon suite?

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