Installing Office 2003 onto Vista

By courtneybuchholtz ·
I am trying to install Office 2003 onto Windows vista on my new laptop computer. When I type in the code, the computer tells me the code is incorrect, despite repeated attempts using the code we have been given. Any thoughts on what may be wrong?

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Off 03 and Vista

by w2ktechman In reply to Installing Office 2003 on ...

Do not play well together.
I have had several bad attempts (but it installed fine). Mostly with Outlook, but there are some advanced functions in Word that do not work well either.

My suggestion is to use Off 07 in Vista.

Now, for your problem, it may be due to several things. Was your version of Office an upgrade? If so, it may need to find the old version discs to finish.
Also, I have run into programs that UAC will stop, but forget to display a dialog ox to accept or deny. Turn off UAC and try again. You can turn it back on after the install.

Make sure you have the correct code for the version you are using. If you are using a upgrade or OEM code on a non upgrade or non OEM disk, it will fail as well.
Double check that it is the correct code.

After typing it in, double check the code, and make sure that you did not mis-type anything or this will also cause a problem.

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Re: Installing Office 2003 onto Vista

Your office should work fine, but if you have repeatedly input the code then it would not allow you to continue. Go into the "registary" and delete anything to do with "office", please make a backup first of your harddrive. Once you have done this then shut down your computer, this will then delete everything from your ram chips. After twenty seconds bootup your computer and try to re-install your office suite, if all goes well then fine if not you should look for a "telephone to Microsoft" to get a activation code. But this will only come up when everything is working fine.

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Yes, you can: How to install Office 2003 for XP in Vista

by sunbridge In reply to Installing Office 2003 on ...

For Office Pro 2003, you can not use autorun to install it in Vista (The program will launch an install window when you insert the DVD.) You need to drill one level down and go to individual folders, click on setup.exe.
As simple as that. Enjoy.

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