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Installing Office XP

By t_robinson31 ·
When I insert the disc, it will begin to download, and then when about 2/3 the way through, a box will pop up showing error 1305: something about not being able to read the file winword. exe - check your nextwork connection or your CD-ROM drive. For solutions to the problem, see F:\FILES\PFILES....
I can't figure out what's wrong.

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by DKlippert In reply to Installing Office XP

You receive one of these error messages when there is a configuration problem with your CD-ROM drive or a problem with the CD-ROM media itself.
Try cleaning the CD and/or copying the data to your hard drive to install

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by dmiles In reply to Installing Office XP

This issue may occur if one of the following conditions are true:
There is a configuration issue with the CD-ROM drive.
The MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) is damaged or is not installed properly.
There is an issue with the CD-ROM media. For example, the program CD-ROM is damaged or dirty.
To resolve this issue, use the following methods in the order in which they are presented.
Examine the CD-ROM or DVD Disc
Examine the disc for visible deformation or substantial scratches.

Clean the Program CD-ROM or DVD
Clean the program CD-ROM or DVD. To do this, use a CD-ROM cleaning kit, or gently wipe the silver side of the CD-ROM with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth from the center of the CD-ROM outward.

If the issue continues to occur, clean the CD-ROM with a damp cloth or a commercial CD cleaning solution. Dry the CD-ROM thoroughly before you insert it into the CD-ROM drive.
Test the CD-ROM or DVD in another Drive
Try the CD-ROM or DVD in another drive. For DVDs, make sure that the drive has a DVD logo on the front of the drive. If the disc works in this test, then the issue may be with the original drive not properly reading the disc. Contact your computer or disc drive manufacturer. If your computer has multiple CD-ROM, CD-R, CD/RW or DVD drives, test the disc in the other drive.

If after you clean the disc, the disc does not work on another computer then it is likely that the disc is bad and must be replaced. If you see the same issues with a replacement disc as with the original disc or if the issue continues to occur, proceed to the next method.
Clean the Drive
If cleaning the CD-ROM or DVD does not resolve the issue, clean the disc drive by using a CD-ROM or DVD drive cleaning disc if you have one. If you do not have one, obtain one after all of the other steps in this article have failed to resolve the issue.

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