Installing old hardrive as slave drive

By johnmsams ·
I would like to transfer some files from my older hard drive onto the newer computer. Is this a complicated process? Both systems use Windows XP. I am not able to connect both computers with a cord because the older comp. will not function. So putting the older harddrive as slave on the new one is my solution.

I understand that there is a thick cable (IDE)? running from the motherboard to the harddrive (Master) in the new comp. Now along that cable is another slot for a slave hard drive. Correct? If I just connect the older harddrive to that slave slot on the cable, will everything work? OR do I have to set a jumper pin? (what exactly does a jumper pin look like?) on the older harddrive before installing?

Also does the older harddrive require me to plug a new powersupply cable into the back of it. Thus, having one powersupply cable in the master drive, and one in the slave drive? OR do they both run off the same powersupply cable?

I've been using this link for some help, but it is quite confusing: http://www.helpwithpcs.com/upgrading/install-hard-drive.htm

It would be much appreciated if anyone can help me with this problem. But if you can't thats alright too.

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