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Installing OS on Toshiba Laptop

By hotsticks5 ·
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to install Windows 2000 on a Toshiba Protege 3480CT which currently has no O/S at all. The problem is that I'm using a USB Floppy and CD-ROM. The floppy is plugged into the dock USB and the CD-ROM is pulgged into the USB on the laptop itself. Once I finish loading all 4 Windows 2000 Boot Disks, the setup gives me an error that says it can't find a CD-ROM. I've tried plugging in the devices vice-versa. I've tried getting the installation to begin from the CD-ROM, but I think becuase it is a USB CD-ROM drive, the computer can't find it. I've also made sure that the CD-ROM is in working order.

How can I install Windows 2000 onto this laptop? Need all the help I can get!


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by jschein In reply to Installing OS on Toshiba ...

Toshiba PCs that offer alternate boot devices allow you to specify which device to boot from by two methods:

By setting the default boot priority in CMOS
Boot priority specifies the order in which the machine looks for a bootable operating system image. For example, if you set your system to boot from devices in this order: CD-ROM > HDD > LAN, the system first checks for a bootable CD, then for a bootable HDD, then for a bootable LAN, and loads the operating system from the first one it finds.
Different models offer different options for setting boot priority. For information about how to access the BIOS/CMOS settings on your Toshiba PC, please see the Support Bulletin entitled "How to access the BIOS Settings on your Toshiba Portable PC" that is applicable to your model.<br><br>By setting the boot priority in this manner, the boot priority setting you choose will be remembered for all future restarts until you change it again.

For a one-time alternate boot device, there are two options:
From the boot device menu
On the TOSHIBA splash screen displayed when you first turn on your computer, you'll see a boot menu prompt displayed for a few seconds near the bottom of the screen, indicating that a key can be pressed for boot options. You can press the indicated key while the prompt is displayed. Beware that the time allowed for detecting the keypress is usually pretty short, so you'll need to be both prepared and quick.

On some models this prompt reads Press F12 for boot menu. On others, you may simply see Press C to boot from CD-ROM. On still others, you may see a row of colored icons representing the various boot devices (HDD, FDD, CD, LAN, PCMCIA, etc.) You can press F12 while these icons are displayed, then move the cursor from one to the next. Please be aware that as new models are released, the prompts may change somewhat.

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by jschein In reply to

Mind you, most laptops do not allow DOS install of a USB drive. Put the cd drive in, change CMOS to boot from cd first, boot from your 2k installation cd.

Good luck.

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by hotsticks5 In reply to Installing OS on Toshiba ...

I tried getting the installation to begin from the CD-ROM drive by going into the CMOS and changing the boot order to put the CD-ROM first. It wouldn't find the drive.

Although, the computer has had no problem finding the USB Floppy drive. I think it might need a driver to find the USB CD-ROM.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Installing OS on Toshiba ...

Windows 2000 Setup does not support certain USB CD-ROM drives as bootable devices. This causes error message during the Text-mode portion of Setup.
Please contact your computer manufacturer for information about obtaining updated Windows 2000 Setup disks that you can use to boot your computer with a USB CD-ROM device.

You need a external cdrom drive to do this.
then copy the i386 folder on the harddsik (after fdisk, and format of course).


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Installing OS on Toshiba ...

ah, the joys of supporting laptops. wait'll you try to ghost it...
man, you need some way of getting i386 folder from the win2k CD onto this hard disk so you can run the install from the hard way is hard for me to say for you as don't know your comfort level/access to stuff but here are some ideas:
a) if you put the usb cdrom on the dock, does that let you copy files from the cd to the hard disk? i take it not, since you didn't start out that way...
1) install DOS (or Win9 and use pcANYWHERE (or laplink or win98 cable connection or whatever) to connect via parallel cable or crossover ethernet cable. if you get an OS on there, you have more options (especially a non NT type OS like Win9. then maybe you could network enable it and get files on the hard disk that way if you like that idea better than cable)
2) take out hard disk and put in desktop (probably will require special adapter) to copy win2k install files...

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by 1stladytech In reply to Installing OS on Toshiba ...

You could also try to hit the F6 key when prompted to load an additional driver for a controller. Then load the disk for the USB cd rom when prompted. Haven't tried it, but it works for other type controllers.


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by vh_s In reply to Installing OS on Toshiba ...

On the 4 startup disks you could usually find a file called ATAPI.??? (forgot the extension). This file take care of the standard connection like floppy, cd-rom, harddisk or SCSI drive.

So, the quest should begin with searching of updated ATAPI.??? that would allow connection of USB CD-ROM at startup time.

Good luck.


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