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    Installing printer drivers


    by Anonymous ·

    Can anyone tell me how to install hp printer driver in 5 machines at the same time, rather than installing one by one.

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      Are you on

      by mikedyne ·

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      A domain or a Workgroup?

      On a domain, you could use WinInstall LE to create a snapshot of the first PC before and after installing the printer, put the changes in an MSI package and distribute via Active Directory.

      As for a Workgroup – Could you not just share the printer? Doing this automatically installs the drivers when you add the share.

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      Server Print Management

      by dan.cox ·

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      Do you have a Windows 2003 server?
      If so you can do Print Management from the server.
      With Print Management you can setup the printer on the server, share it and then just direct the users to go to the web page (http://Servername\printing) and select to install the printer.

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