Installing SATA harddrive

By eadk5 ·
I am very new to SATA and decided since my motherboard support it i would buy a SATA harddrive when i ran out of space.So i bought a 320GB Maxtor HD.I have a SIS661FX motherboard.So what i want to do is to install the 320GB as primary master and have my dvd rom installed as well.My old drive(80GB) i am going to remove.So i went into bios and enabled "SERIAL ATA CONTROLLER". Installed the Harddrive on SATA0 and booted. Obviously nonthing picked up on Primary master or slave, only Secondary master which was my CDROM. SO next up popped up a screen to tell me maxtor primary master and secondary master no scsi installed. So i thought goodie my system is pciking it up.So i let the windows disk run on.And as soon as the screen comes up where you can select Enter to installed windows on this advice or delete patition or create partition, NO DISKS are available to select.Am i doing something wrong.I am not sure about the procedure i am following. What i did try is to put the 320gb(SATA) as secondary master and boot of the old 80gb(IDE) and it picked it up in windows.Any ideas please????

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RE: Installing SATA harddrive

by pcrx_greg In reply to Installing SATA harddrive

What is probably required, is the drivers for the SATA controller be loaded when installing from the windows disk. Put the drivers on a floppy disk and start the PC from the Windows Installation CD. When the install starts, at the bottom of the screen the message to "Press F6 to install a RAID driver", press F6 and put the floppy into the drive when you are prompted by the machine. Load the SATA drivers by following the on screen prompts, and Windows should then see your hard drive for you to install the operating system.


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by eadk5 In reply to RE: Installing SATA hardd ...

Thanks for replying.Now i have a problem.I ahve tried the F6 function but it did not ask me for any disks.And secondly i dont have a disk like that.Obviously i got the pc with IDE drive and i have kept everything they gave me.I really dont have any other extra disks with drivers.Only disks i have is my windows and motherboard disks.Have you got any idea where i could find drivers like that?

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shouldn't need F6 drivers for SATA

by Absolutely In reply to Installing SATA harddrive

F6 is for RAID & SCSI, and although some rudimentary pseudo-RAID is frequently an option on new mobos with SATA interfaces, you should not need to hit F6 just to use one SATA hard drive. When you booted to the old hard drive and viewed the new one in Windows, did you create a partition on the new drive? I recommend a 40GB - 100GB partition for the operating system, and the rest for documents & files.

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by eadk5 In reply to shouldn't need F6 drivers ...

That is what i thought.F6 for raid and stuff...yes i booted with old harddrive and created patition.I could use it like that.But the drive is not picking up if i want to install windows...i am doing soemthing wrong...Any ideas

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by jamesmondtan In reply to Installing SATA harddrive

You need to change bios setting for winxp to install. because winxp cannot recognice sata while installing, i am not sure which section in bios for your motherboard to change, maybe you can check the website of your motherboard.

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by julian.bennett In reply to Bios

In my experience, you really do need to load the drivers for the SATA drive during the XP installation. You may also need to ensure that your bios (if there is an option for this) is configured to enable the use of SATA drives.

In most instances i think your bios will be fine, but you definitely need to load the SATA drivers... get on the internet go to your hard drive manufacturers website, download and extract the files to floppy. Press F6 during the initial phase of XP installation and follow the instructions when prompted.

I'm quite sure this will resolve the issue.

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by eadk5 In reply to Well...

Ok i wil try that.But i see that there is no drivers for a Maxtor drive.Why things so bleddie complicated.So frustrating.Your problems is suppose to start when you install windows not beforehand.

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