Installing SATA HDD on Newly Built Computer.

By jbob1989 ·
I have recently built a whole new computer and previously having IDE i have never needed to know how to install a SATA HD. I haven?t yet installed an operating system because for some reason it doesn?t run the disk.

In my bios options under sata configuration it gives me the options of setting the sata drive to RAID, IDE or AHCI. Which of these do i need to select?

i have been told i need the drivers off my motherboard manufacturers website but i have tried this via a CD but it doesn?t read the disk. Do i really need a floppy drive to install the drivers?

Motherboard: Asus Maximus Formula(special edition).

I could give you a run down of my whole system specs if needed.

Any help on this matter would be good.

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by shady108 In reply to Installing SATA HDD on Ne ...

hi go for RAID

SATA drivers have to be installed from floppy disk thats why its not working for you. It has to be an internal floppy drive too doesnt work with external ones!!

There are programs out there that u can create a new windows XP image with which include the SATA drivers , had one here but cant remember what it was called now!

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Don't Need Floppy

by TheChas In reply to Installing SATA HDD on Ne ...

You don't "need" a floppy drive to install the SATA drivers. But, neither can you use the motherboard CD.

The drivers need to be in the root folder. Just burn a CD with the SATA drivers in the root folder.

While I somewhat agree with using a RAID configuration, you can use the IDE mode.

For the RAID configuration, you may need to enter a separate BIOS level screen to configure your single disk array.


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When you say

by Dumphrey In reply to Installing SATA HDD on Ne ...

it doesn't read the disk, you mean the sata CDrom is not being recognized? And you are unable to boot from or read from a cd on the new system? I would set the SATA potions to IDE or AHCI. IDE should give you full access without needing drivers. AHCI may give better performance. Your manual on the cd with your motherboard should explaine these options.

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by jbob1989 In reply to Installing SATA HDD on Ne ...

thanks im gnna try some of your suggestions will get back if i still cant get it running

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by shady108 In reply to thanks

nlite thats the program :) use this to extract the windows CD to hdd, add your sata drivers, reburn the CD and your sorted....

Google Nlite theres loads of info on how to do it, and im pretty sure its free too

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