Installing software as "the administrator" doesn't work

By whitejm ·
I am installing a software package and it registers DLL's that are stored under LOCAL_MACHINE in the registry. The idea is that anyone who logs in to the machine will be able to use the features installed. I am finding in some instances that logging in as "administrator" doesn't work in that when I later log in as a user, I can't access the features. However, if I initially log in as any other user who has full adminstrator privileges, all is good - and every user who subsequently logs in is good to go. Does anyone know why logging as "administrator" would not work under this scenario? This has occured on both a terminal server and local workstations.

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Some HKLM-keys are live and not run until a reboot...

by cmatthews In reply to Installing software as "t ...

..and some can be read by reloading explorer.exe. It sounds like you know a fair chunk - but are you doing all this remotely? There is such a small amount to visualize with what you've given.. I suggest if you are working remotely, get some help like using PsTools from MS-Technet. You may even find some machines have remote registry disabled. If what you're doing is legal, at least have fun doing it! Here's a link.

Note: PsKill can be flagged by some AV progs, so if you are a vendor, test it first (don't face the embarrassment of having a clients VP talking to your boss).

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Installing software as administrator

by whitejm In reply to Some HKLM-keys are live a ...

Thanks for your help. I'm not working remotely, but I'm going to re-test with a reboot thrown in and see how I get on.

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Just to check:

by seanferd In reply to Installing software as ad ...

Make sure you are installing the software for All Users, not just the Admin.

If you are already doing that, blame me for not understanding your post properly.

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