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Installing Software over the Network?

By deeda ·
Hi everyone!
I am wondering if anyone knows of any software that is free that allows you to install software remotely on a network? I have to uninstall Corel 2000 and install Corel 12 on over a 100 PCs and am looking for an easier way than just going to each individual PC... Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Installing Software over ...

share a cd drive?
copy all files to a hard disk folder and share the folder?

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by deeda In reply to

I know I can do that, but I want to be able to install it on all the PCs from my PC remotely??? I dont want to have to go around to each individual PC to install the software? I hope that make sense? Thanks for the suggestion though!! :)

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by CGriffith318 In reply to Installing Software over ...

Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for or not but here it goes...

Dameware NT Utilities allows you to install and do lots of other things as well. Its also pretty cheap. Here is the website. Hope it helps!

Please take out any spaces that the message board my enter in the web address.

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by deeda In reply to Installing Software over ...

How do I send the installation to the computer? I downloaded the trial version (which is suppose to be fully usable) But can not figure out how to install it on my test PC?


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by CG IT In reply to Installing Software over ...

Depends upon your network. Is it W2K/2003 Domain/Active Directory based? Novell Network? A W2K2003 WORKGROUP based?

There are many different ways to publish or advertise an application to users on a network. If your in a WORKGROUP nondomain type, create a shared folder that all can access. Then create an image of the application you want to allow users to have, then place the image file into the shared folder. Users then can connect to the share. [might have to create a couple of shares for load balancing].

So, what type of network yous gots????

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by deeda In reply to

I believe we are on a 2003 domain and dont think we have active directory? What I am looking for is something simlar to out Mcafee Pro 7, we can install that without any of the employees knowing?

thanks for you help!

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by mlayton In reply to Installing Software over ...

I haven't used their newer versions, but you used to have to install a kind of "server" version. From there, you can do a network discovery to find the clients on which you want to do a remote install. If you can't find them through the discovery methods offered, I have had some success by ensuring they are on the same domain and then typing in the name. Then you can use the product to do remote installs of other products. However, be forewarned, there are vulnerabilities within different versions of the Dameware utilities that you may want to ensure are not an issue on your network before you proceed too far! Hope this helps

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Installing Software over ...

Nope, Dameware isn't gonna do this for you. You can use Dameware to remotely connect to a user pc, then launch the install locally, but it cannot PUSH an install.
You could do this. Put the install CD on a network share that is available to your users. Connect to each user PC with Dameware (the Remote Control function). Then you would be in control of the user pc. You would then navigate to the shared folder with the install program on it, and run the install.
Sure, this is a manual way, but at least you don't need to physically walk to each machine.
But, it's not what you are looking for.
You need something like Microsoft SMS server, which can remotely install programs on client machines. Not Dameware.

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