installing virus removal software

By butcherman45 ·
How can I get rid of a virus that won't let me download any software to remove it?. I've tried several including spybot search and destroy. It on't load onto the computer and I think its the virus causing this Help!

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It'd help if you were more specific.

by Ron K. In reply to installing virus removal ...

What is your version of Windows? How do you know it's a virus? What antivirus tools have you tried? If you know the name of the virus it'd help if you posted it. <br>
Be aware that some viruses, trojans and worms can disable your machine to the point where a fresh installation of the operating system is the only solution. Back up all of your data now before you go too far and can't retrieve it easily.

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Spybot does NOT remove viruses ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to installing virus removal ...

It's for SPYWARE - hence the name Spybot.

As Ron K has already suggested, what makes you think it's a virus infection you have. If you haven't installed any anti-virus scanner as yet, how do you know you've got a virus infection?

What is this 'virus' called and how did you find it?

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...virus won't let me download any software to remove it...

by dldorrance In reply to installing virus removal ...

On another computer download the following free antivirus software and burn it onto a CD. Boot your infected computer from the CD which contains an antivirus program

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Won't let you download, or won't let you install?

by seanferd In reply to installing virus removal ...

I ask because some people tend to confuse these two things.

Download on a working machine to removable media which you can then transfer to your computer. You may want to rename the file so that it is not recognized by the (possible) malware. Boot into Safe Mode, install and run the software.

If infections are found, delete system restore points, re-run the software in safe Mode again. Repeat until clean. Do full scans with your antivirus as well.

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If it installs but wont run

by IC-IT In reply to installing virus removal ...

rename the executable and run it.
Example. Rename mbam.exe to 12mbam.exe

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