Installing W98SE, W2K & XP Pro on one PC

By inmoncolley ·
Multi Installs of Windows
Objective: Install W98SE, W2K, W_Xp Pro on one PC (loading sequence as listed)
Equipment: 400mhz Celeron w/ an i440BX-SMC60X-2A69KX3GC-00, Acorp 6BX81 Ver: 2B, with Award BIOS v4.51PG motherboard
8.4 Gb HD (Seagate); 80 Gb HD (WD)
SYBA - SY-ATA6410-2I Controller
So Far: Win98SE installed on 8.4 Gb HD and working; ATA controller drivers installed for W98. W98 reads 80 Gig HD with it?s partitions and data.
2. 80 Gb Hd formatted with 2 partitions w/WD Overlay removed. W2K doesn?t ?like? the overlay. It ?thinks? the partitions are corrupt and unformatted.
I?ve tried several times to get all 3 OS?s on this drive under 3 partitions. However, since the BIOS doesn?t recognize the full drive with the WD overlay the only OS that will install is stand alone installations of W98, W2K or XP. If I try to install 98 then W2K, 98 installs fine but W2K ?thinks? the partitions are corrupt or unformatted, regardless of what formatting structure is used - Western Digital, FDISK (upgraded version) or Partition ?Magic? . Continuing with W2K to format partition arrives at 99% then a ?cannot format? error.
3. 80 Gb attached to ATA6410 controller and its drivers installed at F6 prompt for W2K install.
4. W2K continues install and writes operating files to selected first partition on 80gig HD. W2K recognizes both partitions as ?formatted?.
5. Upon restart to ?Start W2K?, I get an error ?Could not start because of a computer disk hardware problem.....?. My research indicates it could be several things including the Boot.ini and Ntbootdd.sys files.
A. The Boot.ini file appears with ?signature(xxx..) under ?Default? and ?[operating system]. Microsoft (MS) indicates this should work provided the HD?s signature doesn?t change. It doesn?t. I?ve tried several irritations such as ?SCSI(x)? and ?Multi(x)? without resolve. I?m not sure what the exact make up should be when using both the ATA controller and the onboard motherboard controller. Here?s my take:
Default = scsi(1)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)/WINNT
[operating systems]
scsi(1)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) ?Windows 2000 Professional Operating System? /fastdetect
?C:\=?Microsoft Windows?
Adding a ?scsi? line to activate W98 as default or otherwise gives the same error as starting W2K. W98 starts every time from the ?C:\=? entry.
B. I?ve replaced and renamed the Ntbootdd.sys file with ?viaraid.sys? from the OEMDir directory as indicated in yet another MS research paper. The Ntbootdd.sys is located in the Win98 root directory, the 80 gig root directory and the OEMDir under /WINNT on the 80 gig HD.
I?ve downloaded ver 2C for the 6BX81 motherboard and the DOS Boot Disk for Flashing the BIOS but didn?t really want to try this. The PC should operate from the ATA 6410 controller.
I?m at a complete loss as to which direction to proceed. Could someone please help?
Thank you,

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re: Older Motherboards.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Installing W98SE, W2K & X ...

If the flash for the BIOS that you've obtained indicates that it will solve the problem of recognizing the full size of an 80GB drive, then by all means flash it. But, if the flash that you've obtained doesn't specifically say that it will solve the problem, you're out of luck while trying to use that larger drive. You'll need to purchase a smaller one.

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There is another option here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to re: Older Motherboards.

And that is to fit a IDE Controller Card to a PCI Slot. This will allow you to use the 80 GIG Drive natively without any WD Overlay. You could possibly go even bigger as well depending on the type of Controller Card you get.

Most new ones will support 300 GIG Drives easily and they just plug into a PCI Slot. Though to install the Second and third OS you will have to use the F6 Option and copy the Controller Cards Drivers to the Root of a Floppy.

You should be able to buy a New IDE Controller Card for somewhere around the $30.00 US mark.


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PCI Controller Card

by inmoncolley In reply to There is another option h ...

Thanks for the response. Notice in the writeup that the 80Gb HD is connected to a PCI ATA6410 controller with drivers installed at Option F6. The problem is I can't get the boot.ini file and W2K activation in sync. A research through MS's "knowledgebase" and other sites seem, unless I'm mis-interrupting them, to point to boot.ini & Ntbootdd.sys.
With 98 loaded and operating on the primary motherboard controller (C drive) and W2K installed on the PCI controller (D Drive), files located on the "C" drive, i.e. boot.ini & Ntbootdd.sys, must point to the right boot path. For some reason, I can't seem to get this to happen.

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OK where you are going wrong here is that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PCI Controller Card

When you Dual or Multi Boot a System the Basic Start Up Files are written to the Root of the Boot Drive. Windows sets up things this way by default.

So what you have to do here is to Install 98 to the HDD connected tot he M'Board then copy the Driver File for the PCI Controller Card to the Root of a Floppy. That means copy just the Driver File to the Floppy with No Folders you need the PCI Controlled Driver only on the Floppy so the Contents of the Windows Driver Folder needs to be what you copy to the Floppy not the Folder. The Windows installer Can Not open folders on a floppy so I think that is where you are going wrong here.


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On further thought

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to OK where you are going wr ...

Are you sure that this Controller Card is Compatible with either Windows 2000 or XP?

If it isn't then neither 2000 or XP will be able to be installed.


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Futher Thoughts on PCI ATA Controller

by inmoncolley In reply to On further thought

Thanks again! Yes the PCI controller is one that supports 9x-Vista, 32-64 Bit. I noticed that at the F6 Option, that nothing happens until after W2K finishes it's preliminary install then it asked for the drivers from the "A" drive. I had made a "Floppy" using the "Setup" procedures from the supplied Mini CD-ROM and it seems to have read the data it needed. As I recall,(I've done so many irritations that it's hard to remember what I have or have not tried.) I initially copied the drivers to a "Floppy" but it wouldn't read it because the "txtsetup.oem" file was missing. The file is initially a folder on the CD but is extracted to the root of the "Floppy" once it's built. The built floppy has the drivers under folder X86\NT5 containing "cat", "inf" and "sys" and are referenced as such in the txtsetup.oem with the "sys" file built to "CFG_NT4". There is a W2K folder AND a "NT5" folder on the CD both with "cat", "inf" & "sys" files. I can't determine if both set of files are the same but I do know the "inf" file for both indicates viamraid.inf for winXP. (Go figure!)
I'm going to copy the 3 files from the 2K folder and the txtsetup (2k.oem and change the name to txtsetup.oem) file and try it.
Thank you for your help.

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While the files may look similar

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Futher Thoughts on PCI AT ...

They should be to support different OS's so they should be slightly different.

But having said that I in the past haven't had any joy with the Via Chip Set IDE Controller Cards and I've found that the promise Technologies are far Superior to use.

Well at least a lot easier to setup and install OS on.


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There's Other Options

by inmoncolley In reply to There is another option h ...

Thanks again OH Smeg! Tried using drivers as indicated in last message. No help. Same error. Read info at Western Digital with reference to Promise PCIs. Seems WD has drivers to support their HD and Promise. Noticed when using their Lifeguard Tool that it "tried" to read through the PCI but failed. Can 'see' drive located in sections of the program but not in those that will help configure it, just informational data. Think I'll Flash the BIOS to upgrade from ver 2B to ver 2C and go from there. Many thanks for your help.

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Older Motherboards

by inmoncolley In reply to re: Older Motherboards.

Thanks for the response. There wasn't any writeup for the changes in the new BIOS upgrade (6BX81 ver:2D - I have ver 2B). Also, I couldn't access Acorp's website. Seems they are getting out of the motherboard business. It took the better part of a day to find a workable download for this upgrade.
Unless you find a 'used' one, smaller HD's are hard to find. I've got several 1.5 - 2.8 Gb's and they have enough space to load the system but then you're limited as to how much you can 'add-on'.
With my current setup of 8 gb on MB Controller (C drive) & 80 Gb on PCI ATA Controller (D drive), W98 installs and works; W2K installs (PCI card drivers installed at F6 Option) to "D" with pointer files written to both "C" & "D"; Boot.ini written to root of "C"; Ntbootdd.sys written to "C" and "D" roots (I do not know what drivers are being used to create the Ntbootdd file, so; with supposedly everything in place, why doesn't the W2K boot.ini entry activate Win2000?
Thanks for the help!

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