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Installing Win 2000 upgrade

By ntesla ·
I have built a new computer and have a Window 2000 upgrade i would like too use but do not have an older windows too use to get the install started is there a way too get around this.

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by wcp In reply to Installing Win 2000 upgra ...

There is no way of getting around this.

Buy a Windows 95/98/ME CD from e-bay or borrow a CD from your friends, relatives, or neighbors.

Or if you have an old system that has previous Windows, upgrade it to Windows 2000, ghost it to your new HD and then clean install Windows 2000 in the new HD. It may be a lot of work but you can clean install Windows 2K Upgrade without any previous Windows CD.

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by Mark In reply to Installing Win 2000 upgra ...

I would find or borrow an HD with any windows that is 2000 or earlier. Hook it up along side your install HD. The upgrade will see the install and let you do a clean install to the new HD. It won't bother the borrowed HD as long as you don't select to upgrade. Then you can give the drive back after the install. You could do the same with a borrowed CD also.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Installing Win 2000 upgra ...

Well strictly speaking the only way to install is with an older version of a Windows CD available.

While it is possible to install without the older CD it is messy and you need to know how to write and read programs so you can bypass the need for the older version of Windows. If you want to try you'll need to copy the CD to a HDD and then go about breaking the code where it asks for the other CD to be inserted. All very much against the MS EULA as well I might mention.

The idea of these Upgrade Cd's is to upgrade not do a clean install of a system so you get them at a reduced cost as you are upgrading an existing product not using them as a new install.

Your best bet here would be to find a friend with a copy of an older version of Windows 98/98SE or NT4 Workstation not the Server one and burn off a copy of that and use it to install with.


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