installing win 98 on top of xp

By rahul_biswas500 ·
i have a problem...a big one.....that of lack of knowhow and resources....
i have win xp installed.....
i have win98se setup file on my hard disk......
i don't have a cd-writer...so m hard disk is all that i have
i don't know how to partition my hard disk....(but i am hopeful,i can learn that up)
i beleieve i have only 1 hard disk(40 gb capacity)
is there any way i can install win 98 under present circumstances without a cd?
obviously.i want DUal BOOt

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The Steps

by Jacky Howe In reply to installing win 98 on top ...

are normally install 98 and then XP. 98 will have to go on the Primary Partition as it needs access to Fat32. It is a lot easier to use Virtual PC. You already have the environment to use it. You can install 98 to it and use it whenever you want. Edit: It is a great environment for running older OS's and Games. I have several Virtual Machines EG Dos, Winme, 98SE, PCLinux and Vista. The beauty of it is the fact that i can switch to another OS in a couple of seconds. In this environment you can make a mistake and fix it on the fly.


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my problem's prequel

by rahul_biswas500 In reply to The Steps

fargonebeauty...thanks for ur helpful suggestion..but maybe i shud fill u on a little bit of more info.....
i had 98 earlier..and then the sound was just fine...after installing winxp.my audio driver started its problems..obviously this auddio driver waas meant for xp....
sumtimes winxp just didn't start up..fed up..i uninstalled my audio driver.....
i tried to reinstall it acouple of times..but winxp again refused to start up...
so now i am hoping that by loading win98 on ANOTHER PARTITION..I MIGHT GET MY SOUND BACK ATLEAST ON WIN98

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by Jacky Howe In reply to my problem's prequel

have I got this right? You had win98 installed and you installed XP. Now XP will not start? What is the Error message that is displayed?

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The original poster is correct

by w2ktechman In reply to installing win 98 on top ...

regardless of your audio issues. 98 needs to be the first OS installed, then XP should be installed on the second partition.

As for using the virtual machine option, if you are running XP, an do not want to erase your drive, the virtual machine option is best. And you can even use both systems at the same time with many programs.

But, I don't bother with dual boot on single HDD's (except for virtual pc's). What I do is get a HDD case and fit it in an empty cd slot. Then set it as master (IDE based) and swap HDD's for different OS's.

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