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Installing Win98 on a System with no OS

By John Girolamo ·
I've run fdisk and deleted the primary DOS partition. I then installed a primary DOS partition. Now, how do I install the operating system?

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Run Setup

by leaslynn In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

Make sure you have a boot disk that can run your cd, and then find the Win98 folder on your cd and run setup.

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Installing Win98 on a system with no OS

by Thmiuatga In reply to Run Setup

I am under asumption that you have the original Win98 package and not a pirate copy.
Make sure that your floppy drive boots first.load the floppy and CD rom disk. the Startup process will begin. choose "Install Windows from CD rom." there will follow sucessive programming command lines prompting a yes/no response. keep pressing the "return" key (yes). The screen will turn blue (it's okay) and the scandisk function will start. scandisk will check your hard drive for errors. once the scanis complete the startup sequence for windows will begin.

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Create boot disk

by j72571 In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

Get any working windows computer with CD-ROM support and insert your Windows disk.
Go to:
and have a blank 3.5 floppy handy. This will boot your machine, give you CD-ROM access, and you should be able to type:
[Drive letter]:\setup

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by Zlatin Zlatev In reply to Create boot disk

You can also create a boot-up disk from the Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs
->StartUp Disk->Create Disk
from win98 computer.
After you've booted from this disk you should have access to your CD-drive, enter it e.g. "D:" [Enter] :)
and run setup.exe
and then follow the instructions...
Have fun with Win98 :)
Oh, if your PC is old (weak) you may use Win98Lite to improve perfomance :)

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by reef2 In reply to HOWTO: Create EBD

If you want to drop another $50.00 or so get an asus cdrom boot from your win 98 disk go back to a: drive and install Asus drivers and reboot and go to d; drive and have fun.

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Forgot to add

by reef2 In reply to CD-ROM

And don't forget to copy those cab files to your hard drive so you won't have to do all this again.

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Installaing Win98

by duelund In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

First you got to have a bootable floppydisk with MS-DOS CD-ROM driver installed. From another Windows 98 you can create a Windows Start disk (go to controlpanel, add/remove programs, create start disk).

If you don't have access to a Windows 98, but have access to a Windows 95, you can create it by running this program on your Win98 CD-ROM:

Boot on you floppydisk, FDISK the harddisk (if you haven't already), format it with 'FORMAT C:'. Then create thedirectory WIN98 on your harddisk with the command 'MD WIN98'. Copy all files from the CDROM \WIN98 to your harddisk C:\WIN98. Remove the floppydisk and the CDROM, and run the following program C:\WIN98\Setup.exe.

That is the best way to install Windows 98, it assures you have all neccessary files for installation and later use on your harddisk, so you don't need to put in the CD-ROM everytime you install a new printer, modem etc.

Good luck.

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RE: Installing Win98 on a System

by 24-7 In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

If you have FDISK'd your drive properly, you should next format it to it's full capacity. Check to be sure (view ythe partition with FDISK again) that you have formated the drive to 32 bits. Next change to your Win98 CD drive and the Win98 directoryand run SETUP.EXE Follow the online instructions.

After you have completed your installation go to the device manager and check that everything has set up properly (no question marks or exclamation points). If you have problems, remove the offending device and reboot to let Win98 re-detect and re-install the device. This will usually fix most problems.

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You are on the right track

by butlerchuck In reply to Installing Win98 on a Sys ...

To run the win98 cd you need to creat a boot disk that will have cd support. The best way to get help for this is go to It is great site with lots of links to further help you after you instal windows. As you boot up with the boot disk watch to see what drive letter is asigned to the cdrom. You are on the wright track. Keep hacking away at it. It gets very easy after you do it a few times.

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I forgot somthing

by butlerchuck In reply to You are on the right trac ...

After you get to the drive and it says some error about media that can't be read, then you need to format the drive. If you created the boot disk properley the command come should include format if not just copy it from another pc. Once you get tothe cd you can find the autoset up in the parent dir. If not then just goto the win98 dir and look in there.

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