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Installing WIn98SE on Compaq ProSignia 330

By johnnytech486 ·
Someone gave me a Compaq ProSignia 330 P550 running on Win98SE. It was crashing/freezing frequently and had many many remnants and a bloated Registry. I tried cleaning it up but then realized that the best thing to do was to format and do a clean install. I do not have the Compaq original software but had a Win98SE disk of my own. I've tried to use it but the CD-ROM Drive won't respond to the disk. I know the drive is OK because I put in another disk and the drive started up. I also know that the Win98SE disk is OK because I earlier tried a simple re-install within Windows to see if that would stablize the situation (which it did not.) Also, I'm able to browse the Win CD on another computer.

Does this mean that the Compaq will only respond to a propriatary Compaq Win98SE disk?

Can anyone help me?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Installing WIn98SE on Com ...

But the CD Drive could possibly be not working properly and be unable to read the Win 98 CD as it could have some finger prints or scratches on the data surface and that is throwing the tracking out on the Compaq's CD.

If it is a recorded CD it may not like the die used either but if it is an original CD most likely it is a compatibly issue between the CD ROM and the CD {disk} being offered to it.

Actually this would be best posted in the Q & A Section as there you will get auto-generated e-mails notifying you when ever any one posts a reply and you are more likely to get some one in you're own time zone answering you that saves a lot of time and effort.

Just in case if the HDD is still intact you can always try downloading a "Trial" copy of Iolo's System Mechanic and run that over the registry to clean it up it just might save you some time. It is available from and follow the links to the trial download site. Remember to remove any spaces that may get inserted on the upload.


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by johnnytech486 In reply to NO

Thanx so much for the reply! I switched CD-ROM drives and the Win98 install went without a hitch.
Next time, I'll use Q&A but again, thanx for being there.

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Glad to hear it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Success!

I actually don't give a Rats where you post any queries but I was only attempting to point out that you will get a faster response when you use the Q &A Section which is what most people need when they strike a problem.


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