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installing window 98

By lukele1200 ·
hi,i like to install window 98 ,but my cd room is not support there away to install .i have try boot window 98 cd and choosed the option (install without cd support ),but it still said that i have not insert the cd room yet.any suggestion would be appreciat

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by Gigelul In reply to installing window 98

Try with a dischette from
- use fdisk to create partitions
- use format c: /s
- md win98
- r: (cd-rom letter)
- copy win98 c:\win98
- c:
- cd win98
- setup

If you are unable to use CD-ROM then you have a hardware issue:
- check BIOS an enable all IDE controllers
- check cables
- use a good CD-ROM drive
- use other Win98 CD

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by sgt_shultz In reply to installing window 98

you will need to get your cd (and/or ide controller) supported with dos mode drivers to make the cd available. otherwise your hardware maybe is not going to work. post the exact model of your cd drive and controller and maybe we can help. or purchase a new cd drive for about $25?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to installing window 98

Any IDE CD ROM should be supported by the 98 Installer about the only thing that I can think of where a CD Drive would not be supported is with one of the really old ones that hung off a Sound Card.

But provided you have an IDE CD ROM you should be able to load from the CD unless it is an external one for a Notebook or as mentioned above a non IDE that is used with a sound card.

If any of those are what you are using then you'll have to create a Boot Floppy and use that to install 98 from. Similarly you could install DOS and then the CD ROM driver reboot the computer and then proceed to insert the Windows 98 CD into the Drive and change to the CD ROM drive and then type in Setup. That should install 98 without a problem. As you are currently using the Windows 98 Install Floppy you should also be able to bypass the option of not having a CD ROM installed or in the drive so you can run both FDISK and Format Utilities before you start the install of 98.

What should be happening is even with CD ROM support installed you should get the following message "Windows Setup Files could not be fount." A: The A: is a DOS prompt meaning that you are in the A Drive {Floppy} and to change this you can just type C: which will change to the C drive if it has been formated up but if you get a "Disk not available" message you'll have to run FDISK to create partitions on the Hard Drive and then reboot and run Format C: to format up the basic boot partition on the HDD if you have created more than one partition. You can repeat this process with each partition or HDD by just changing the letter to the next one up the alphabet like D, E, F, and so on but you have to create the partitions first either on one HDD or on each HDD that is installed in the computer.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If your CD Rom really is not supported you can buy one very cheaply from any computer shop new I generally use DVD Drives now because of just how cheap they are but the driver for the CD should recognize any IDE drive no matter if it is a CD ROM , CDRW, DVD ROM or DVD RW. Other than the above mentioned CD ROM drives there is a SCSI which should be picked up by the Windows Boot Floppy as both the CD ROM and SCSI drivers are generic and work with anything.

If you use the Format C: /s command all that will give you is a Bookable C Drive and instead of the A prompt you will get a C prompt.


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by lukele1200 In reply to

thanks for all your assitance those were very helpful to me ,and one things before install window 98 HD must be change to fat fat16 or fat32.

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by lukele1200 In reply to installing window 98

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